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Success is achieved by kneading the dough

After more than fifty years, craftsmanship is still the driving force of our company.

Pastificio Gaetarelli

Massimo Gaetarelli, the CEO of Pastificio Gaetarelli, worked with his brothers Luca and Claudio to transform the pasta shop of Salò, on the shores of Lake Garda in the province of Brescia and founded by his father in 1964, into a 5 million euro SME. In 2018, it registered a turnover 40% up on the previous year. The pasta is still handmade but lean industrial production has made it possible to respond to customers (70% outside Italy) with reactive offers and quick changes to production. Without changing the product: the taste and flavours remain the traditional ones of Lake Garda.

“Our secret is this: always expect the unexpected.”
Massimo Gaetarelli, the CEO of Pastificio Gaetarelli

“The right approach is the one that ensures the most happiness for the greatest number of people.”

 Industrialisation is the keystone of the pasta factory. Provenance plays an important part: Salò is a tourist destination and the three Gaetarelli brothers know full well the importance of maintaining culinary tradition in the sale of a product abroad as well as in Italy. The transition to lean management has brought about a drastic change in the production of pasta: the same “artisan” quality is now managed in such a way as to optimise each step and instantly adapt production to any changes in demand. A customer attentive to the quality of products also looks for sustainability: and since 2012, Pastificio Gaetarelli has used only energy from renewable sources.

Pastificio Gaetarelli is a Brescia-based company with a turnover of 5 million euros. Its revenue in 2018 was up 40% compared to the previous year. This surge is the result of careful management of lean production that follows market demand, and the ability to adapt rapidly. Exports account for 70% of turnover and in recent years financial management has been in the hands of a CFO.


Since 2012, Pastificio Gaetarelli has used only energy from renewable sources. Control of the systems allows for energy savings of over 30% and a drastic reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. Sustainability becomes a requirement from the moment the customer demands it.

Digital innovation

The introduction of a management system and the use of 4.0 machines have allowed tight control of the processes, with consequent reduction of inefficiencies and greater flexibility in production.