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Il Granaio delle Idee: a story between tradition and innovation

How did Il Granaio delle Idee come into being?

Ours is a story of sharing, passion and family. We are a young company, established just 23 years ago, but the path began a long time ago. Federico Allamprese Manes Rossifounder and CEO of Il Granaio delle Idee – has always had a passion for the flour world, born of the myth of the grandfather he never met, mill owner and first pioneer of the family in the bread-making world.

We have invested in semi-finished, bread-making products, creating those with no chemical additives. Our challenge is to make 100% natural products. We have done so using enzymes that improve the bread’s characteristics, replacing the chemical substances.

In recent years, the consumer has becomes more demanding, reads labels carefully, prefers natural products and functional foods. A success is the Salus Functional Bread® – whose mix is now the one sold most – boasting 7 nutritional benefits and containing oat beta-glucans that help reduce cholesterol in the blood without losing that good bread taste.

Bread is a convivial food.

What does sharing mean for you?

Federico shared with a group of young collaborators – because we’re a young company, created by youngsters – the passion for bread and innovation.

For us sharing means continuing to grasp winning market challenges by creating new products for an increasingly more demanding target. A daily commitment carried forward thanks to our Research & Development laboratory, the company core.

The cornucopia image in our logo is not a casual choice: when he founded the company, Federico chose it as a symbol of prosperity, luck, abundance. All values recalling bread. Sharing.

Your name includes the word “idea”.

What do “new ideas” mean for you?

Here our daily job is to create new, clean label, quality products. Some time ago, we launched a pastry-making line thanks to collaboration with Igino Massari and Luigi Biasetto, to mention just two.

A strong push comes from Federico himself, by encouraging the group to throw their hearts beyond the obstacle, enhancing the company’s curious, creative spirit.

The ability to study and apply enzymes to the different bread and pastry-making areas enables us to offer products that are always new and innovative.

For example, in September we will be launching a professional bread mix with 30% protein, answering that growing demand for protein-based products, bringing an excellent taste and pleasant consistency to the market.

For us, new ideas also means creating new packaging, even for the end consumer, reached by the our trademark Ruggeri: one of the most innovative solutions, the 500g pack with double inner pocket, marking our preparations created for the home bread-making market. A unique solution on the market, keeping flour and yeast separate, to maintain freshness without using preservatives.

And these are just some of our projects. Because our ambition is to launch excellent, new products on the market every year, stored in eco-friendly packaging.

How do you combine innovation with tradition?

Il Granaio delle Idee is a company, and a family story, with its roots in the past, but reaching us.

That is where tradition meets innovation: the will to create genuine recipes, typical of the past, lives today using the best of our technologies and skills.

Because if, on the one hand, current food trends look to the past, on the other, we have always offered improved bread production processes by using technology available nowadays, without distorting them.