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Discover the strength of a company that epitomises the concept of made in Italy.

Cerutti Inox

The heart of Cerutti Inox beats to the rhythm of Maura Cerutti’s strong and infectious determination, unbroken by conventions and the economic crisis. This company, with family roots and a strong belief in the concept of Made in Italy, has been able to get off the ground and look to the market with a willingness to accept challenges, take gambles, and open up to the most disparate sectors from food and hospitality to furniture and industry.

“We are always prepared to take risks.
If you don’t take risks, you’ll never get anywhere.”

Maura Cerutti, Cerutti Inox

“There’s no such thing as great people. There are only great challenges that ordinary people are forced to face by circumstances.”

The crisis that began in China and spread to Europe made many companies tremble. For this company, however, it was the chance to take a gamble and invest heavily in a new line of products that could meet the needs of a changing market, but without renouncing the high quality of a satellite industry associated with the region of Piedmont. Financial support was essential to purchase new cutting-edge machinery and embrace the spirit of Industry 4.0: the latest generation of lasers, an automated warehouse, and processing robots are the secrets of a company that, thanks to its considerable know-how in various sectors, has developed the ability to ensure value and excellence during all stages of processing.

Since 1960, the Verbano-based company of Cerutti has worked sheet metal with two production lines and two different brands. With Cerutti Inox, it develops products for the HORECA channel, while with the Cinox brand it fulfils requests for tailor-made products in processed steel using innovative and versatile machinery. In recent years, Cerutti Inox has achieved sales that have exceeded € 5 million, and 90% of its semi-finished products are destined for the foreign market. Thanks to 3D design, often used for tailor-made creations, the use of technologically advanced machinery and meticulous and continuous quality control, the company is able to satisfy the needs of every customer.


The environmental policy of Cerutti Inox is aimed at continuous improvement. Each employee of the company is required to make their own contribution to sorting waste and saving energy. Plans are in the pipeline to reduce the company’s energy impact as well as decrease the amount of packaging used.

Digital innovation

Many technologies have been introduced over the years that have revolutionised the production process: a laser cutting machine, an automatic warehouse, and semi-automatic folding machines. Furthermore, the introduction of a management system capable of communicating with the software of the machinery has led to digital control of the entire production process.