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The fast pace of sneakers made in Italy

To reach important goals you must never stop, just like Gianel Shoes.

Gianel Shoes

An entrepreneurial legacy is something to be valued and reinterpreted. Such is the belief of Gianni and Elena Casarano and Antonio De Matteis who run Gianel Shoes, a shoe manufacturing company that ranks among the strategic suppliers of major fashion brands including Dolce & Gabbana. Starting with their father’s shoe factory, they chose to focus on quality by addressing the highest market segments: they collaborated first with a cycling brand, then accepted the challenge of a commission of hand-embroidered shoes for D&G, which proved to be the real springboard that allowed the company to grow exponentially within just a few years.

“The answer to every request or difficulty? No problem at all!”

Gianni Casarano, director of Gianel Shoes

“Go with the flow, follow the path, and allow yourself to be guided by that fast, ever-increasing pace.”

Fast indeed has been the development of Gianel Shoes, a company that has been able to model itself on the needs of its customers and create excellent partnerships based also on sharing of the ethical and creative values associated with the concept of made in Italy. The increase in investments has led, in fact, to a gradual increase not only in skills and staff, but also in the technological solutions adopted by the company. Innovation and craftsmanship represent another winning combination: because although a machine can speed up processes, it is no substitute for the eyes and hands of a person who can instinctively recognise different types of leather and footwear.

From 15-20 employees early on to 300 today, from 200-250 pairs of shoes per day to 2,000-2,500 in just five years: these are the numbers that make Gianel Shoes a stellar company. Its recent history has seen: double the number of orders, new warehouses and increasingly larger investments which have grown hand in hand with the increase in turnover.


Gianel Shoes is meticulous in its approach to recycling and to the disposal of special waste. It strictly adheres to the protocols relating to the treatment of solvents, chemicals and special adhesives. The company has also appointed managers for these activities, and provides specific training in the management of production waste and in occupational safety.

Digital innovation

In recent years the company has expanded its machine park, also developing it from a technological point of view. The main solutions include a laser machine for cutting leather and a machine for scanning and final verification of footwear to avoid the risk of protruding nails or other factory defects. Finally, the recent implementation of a management system designed specifically for the company and linked to the inhouse software of its main customers, has helped to significantly improve the monitoring of production, orders and materials.