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Creativity and passion: the secret of success

Caffeina has always stood out for its spirit of inclusiveness: it is a company that brings together all manner of professionals.


Henry Sichel is general manager and one of the three founders of Caffeina (the others are Tiziano Tassi and Antonio Marella). This independent Italian Creative Company believes in a creative approach to everything that is innovation for people and brands, and in digital technology as a starting point from which anything can be built. The company has one hundred and thirty employees, and its turnover of over 6 million euros in 2018 was achieved through the creation of advertising and marketing campaigns, as well as innovative services and consultancy for the brand. Their strength lies in an ability to integrate disparate experiences and knowledge in the fields of creativity and advertising, with developers and designers respectively. This mixture leads to the creativity required by customers such as P&G, Bulgari, Bauli, Furla. But also non-profit organisations such as ActionAid and the AIRC Foundation for cancer research.

“We create impactful experiences that inject new energy into the relationship between people and brands.”

Henry Sichel, General Manager of Caffeina

“Talent perceives differences, genius and unity.”

Creativity as an asset means starting again from scratch every day, or almost. When a brief arrives, the agency must prepare a creative proposal from scratch and in any sector that meets the needs and preferences of the customer. To do this, Caffeina integrates different disciplines and figures with a model they call the Hexa Team, composed of six elements: account manager, copywriter, art director, strategic planner, experience designer, and creative technologist. The model of the process is T-shaped: the horizontal group of six elements works vertically on each specific project, integrating the knowledge and know-how of the entire development team.

Founded in 2012, Caffeina achieved revenues of 10 million euros in seven years, and featured in the FT1000 list for two years in a row. It currently employs one hundred and thirty people and, in addition to the headquarters in Parma, it has offices in Milan and Rome. The company acquires customers through tenders involving large consulting companies or other communication agencies as well as media production companies.


Caffeina is committed to growing as a sustainable business on a daily basis, which is why it has chosen to adopt eco-friendly practices such as separate waste collection and energy saving measures. The company cars run on natural gas and the medium-long term goal is to become a plastic free business.

Digital innovation

Technological and process development are elements important to the entire company. Caffeina, in fact, uses various types of software to support work organisation, time tracking and project management. A new management system was also recently implemented with the aim of monitoring the progress of orders and further optimising the work flows.