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The drive that comes with an all-Italian dream

The allure of an Italian company with international ambitions.


Two friends, two dreamers, two entrepreneurs, with the ability to always put their hearts into overcoming every obstacle: Matteo Goich and Massimo Bertolucci are the founding partners of Matec, a Tuscan company based in Massa that produces machinery for the filtering and purification of waste water in disparate sectors. The story of Matec has the ring of an American dream, but is set in Tuscany. Youth, debt, crisis: no difficulty has dampened the spirit of those who do not limit themselves to selling industrial machinery throughout the world. It is a story of courage and pride in being Italian.

“You need to throw your hat across the river, just to work out how you can retrieve it.”

Matteo Goich, CEO of Matec

“The unknown is not a wall, but a horizon; it does not hold back intelligence, but gives the impetus for our thirst for knowledge.”

Matec is the expression of a challenge that recurs every day: that of discovering unexplored territory and new opportunities for growth and business. The journey of a Matec machine starts in Massa and can end anywhere else in the world, bringing with it the charm of Tuscany and the history of its founders, entrepreneurs through and through. Matteo and Massimo demonstrated their talent and entrepreneurial creativity from an early age. They have been able to constantly challenge the unknown, not escaping from it but taking it on with the strength of an unshakable will, solid as the marble of their native land.

Born in 2004, Matec now has 120 employees and numerous offices all over the world: from Turkey to the United States and from Brazil to Australia. The turnover has grown exponentially in the last few years, reaching 40 million euros, thanks mainly to the strategic choice of the company to expand on an international market.


Matec has installed photovoltaic panels to meet its high energy requirements. The company also ensures strict control of the substances used in production, such as paints, and of its processing waste. Sustainability is mainly generated by the company’s own products: machinery that reduces water consumption by 90% and the emission of sludge by 85%.

Digital innovation

The company uses 4.0 machines that can be controlled remotely. The use of technology has gradually grown with the expansion of the company; and from this has arisen the need for a management system for handling jobs, orders and shipments. The use of high pressure technology in the production line also allows the company to create machinery that is extremely resistant and therefore highly competitive on the market.