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They don’t wear masks, they don’t fly, and they don’t travel at the speed of light. Their superpowers are resilience, perseverance, audacity, and vision. And as a result of their efforts the world really is a better place. They are the PMIheroes, the superheroes of Italian companies.

Some goals are more difficult to achieve than others; the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 indicate the path to a future which is more equitable for all, and more respectful towards the environment. Together with Petra Loreggian, Andrea Signorelli, Andrea and Michele, we want to tell you about those companies that are taking a tangible step towards achieving these goals every day.

A communication project that puts people first and testifies to Banca Ifis’s commitment to support Italian SMEs in their sustainable transition

Rosalba Benedetto - Group Communication, Marketing, Public Affairs & Sustainability Director


Italian SMEs in general are moving towards sustainability, a journey that involves very different areas of business. It is not just a question of technologies, but of new skills, clear communication, and investment in research and development.


SMEs claiming to have benefited from investments in sustainability


Italian SMEs that will have made at least one investment in environmental sustainability by 2024


companies that demonstrate their sustainability to their customers

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We believe in the innate value of businesses, which is why we have always been committed to talking about them.

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