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The Ecosystem of

2022 Edition

The Observatory of the Ecosystem of Cycling promotes a product of Italian excellence that represents innovation and economic development and is the protagonist of the revolution in smart mobility. In the 2022 edition we covered two phenomena of this important ecosystem: cycling tourism which is associated with the concepts of sustainability, health and inclusion, and plays a virtuous part in the promotion of local areas; and reshoring of the production of bicycles and components in Europe, to find out if the sector really is feeling homesick.


The world of cycling is constantly on the move, so we decided to study it in order to better understand what’s in store. Cycling tourism and reshoring are the topics covered by the Observatory of the Ecosystem of Cycling – 2022 edition. The production of bicycles in Italy is growing, driven by the eBike which is being heralded as the means of “soft mobility” of the future. The rediscovery of the bicycle as a means of new mobility has triggered two important economic processes for Italy: the development of cycling tourism and the reshoring of production in Europe.


the average annual growth in revenue for 2021-2023

~ 4,940

operators offering cycling tourism packages in Italy


production of bicycles in Europe by 2023 due to reshoring

The Observatory of the Ecosystem of Cycling aims to promote a product of Italian excellence that brings with it innovation, sustainability and economic development.

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The ‘Smart Mobility’ observatory, now in its second edition, analyses mobility trends in three key cities in Italy: Milan with its hinterland, Rome (municipal perimeter) and Naples with its hinterland. Multi-modality emerges from international experiences as the means capable of capturing people’s diverse needs and maintaining flexibility in a rapidly evolving scenario.

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