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The great story of the Italian small and medium-sized enterprise. A journey at the discovery of the challenges and points of view of Italian entrepreneurs and the places where excellence is keenly pursued every day. Experiences, trials, words, faces and hands that create value for the country.

Entrepreneurs are business leaders with great market and product-related skills. In a country like Italy, it is precisely the SMEs that support the manufacturing sector and the supply chains.

Raffaele Zingone, Co-General Manager and Chief Commercial Officer of Banca Ifis

We believe in the innate value of businesses and in the courage of those who bet on the future, and who do not fear change but take it on every day. We hear the stories of those who every day choose to make a mark and have achieved success without ever forgetting what has made them unique: care for people and the community and training based on the principles of patience and foresight.

We also look at present and future trends of Made in Italy referring to the sector studies carried out as part of the Market Watch research project.

We are talking about not just stories or numbers, but also a combination of storytelling and research looking into the values that determine the success of a business and allows each company to discover its own.

The three traits of our storytelling


Analysis of the economic and equity trends of SMEs and the main sectors of Made in Italy, searches of databases, and administration of targeted surveys.


Use of a new generation observatory, based on web listening, to identify the managerial priorities of companies.

Interviews and stories

Multimedia content with interviews and stories of the business experiences of SMEs, all covered with the aim of inspiring entrepreneurs.


SMEs active in Italy represent almost 5% of the country’s entrepreneurial fabric and generate 41% of turnover, employing over 30% of the workforce of the entire private sector. 38% of the country’s added value is generated by SMEs. We have focused on the story of companies that record growth rates of over 20% per year to discover the secret of their success.


conversations analysed through web listening


companies interviewed through quantitative surveys


in-depth interviews to tell the story of businesses

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Terre Gaie

Pastificio Gaetarelli

Amped Software

Cerutti Inox

Fimet Maniglie

Laser Team


Filippo Uecher

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