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How have SMEs responded to the difficulties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic? How do they see the future? #CoraggioImprese is an account of getting through the pandemic, penned by entrepreneurs.

In our bid to combat Covid-19, we have promoted concrete action in support of our people, businesses and communities. We have given our support by joining the “Cura Italia” decrees and the ABI Credit Agreement, approving 97% of requests for moratoriums. With Veneto Sviluppo and the Veneto Region, we have supported the liquidity of businesses struck by the pandemic. We now offer new financial services for SMEs to support innovation and digital transformation.

Sebastien Egon Fürstenberg, Chairman of Banca Ifis

We have experienced the unprecedented challenge of the pandemic together with businesses and people. During this period we have strengthened relations with our customers: we have chosen to look to the future with confidence, supporting their liquidity needs, the reorganisation of production, and new business ideas.

#CoraggioImprese is the account of a difficult time for all companies, a new situation told from their point of view. It is a collection of stories about how entrepreneurs have had to adapt to counteract the impact of the pandemic on the economy. The stories tell of an Italy that never gives up, of the small and medium-sized enterprises that continue to invest every day and entrust their projects to a trusted partner in order to grow and compete in the market of tomorrow.

Rethinking the future

How can Covid be tackled? We asked our customers to sum up their strategy in a few words.


The pandemic has accelerated many market trends, reshaping the future of entire sectors. The technological dimension supporting production activities has assumed a central role, and the unknowns relating to exports and the reshaping of consumption habits have demanded close attention.


Italy’s GDP at market prices in 2020


Italy’s exports in 2020

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