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Technology and manual skills: our made in Italy

Creativity starts with the materials. Discover an Italian company partnered with the best global fashion brands.

Laser team

Fifteen years in the production of shoe lasts, and then a shift towards creativity: all thanks to a laser-cutting machine. Massimo Bersani decided to specialise in the laser cutting of leather and founded Laser Team, a company that processes leather for top fashion brands. From Valentino to Louboutin, from Bottega Veneta to Moschino, with 70% in footwear and the rest in clothing. Exports account for more than 90% and the business strategy is the daily resolution of any issues: designers can rely on the Laser Team to realise their ideas of style.

“The correct approach is to find solutions that combine both craftsmanship and technology, and we do this every day.”
Massimo Bersani, Laser Team

“Ingenuity is about seeing potential where others do not.”

The 4.0 machines are simply an aid for the ingenuity that Massimo Bersani and his collaborators put to the test every day. The communication strategy is based on word of mouth: the company presents some of its solutions at trade fairs where the purchase managers and stylists of fashion companies can appreciate first-hand the problem-solving ability of the small company of San Mauro Pascoli; and through word of mouth, they then approach Laser Team for their new collections, which are 6 a year. Ingenuity and craftsmanship are the keys to the success of this SME based in Romagna.

Laser Team, an SME in San Mauro Pascoli (Forlì-Cesena), is specialised in the processing of leather for high fashion companies. It works exclusively in the B2B sector. Laser Team does not produce finished products but handles careful processing of the raw material provided directly by the customer. The company exports 90% of its products, employs around thirty people and turns over around 2 million euros, of which 30 thousand are invested annually in research and development. The use of industry 4.0 equipment (leather laser cutting machinery, plotters) is integral to the creative work carried out to solve the issues that arise daily: the fashion house provides the raw material and designer’s drawings, and asks Laser Team to find the way to produce an inlay, bag, or ballet flat. There is little competition since the type of processing is highly specialised.


The company respects the environment. It performs routine checks on the fume treatment system used during production, and complies with the guidelines required by law.

Digital innovation

Laser Team aims to offer processes based on cutting-edge technology while still maintaining the craftsmanship that distinguishes the company. To do this, it uses 4.0 machines including lasers, embroidery machines, digital plotter printers, stud applicators, presses and painting equipment. It invests a significant amount in training employees how to work to the best of their ability.