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Angelantoni Industrie, interconnecting business with the local area

A company is not an island, but a live, active player in its local area, and whether you elect to improve it or not depends on the choices that you make. To achieve its goals, the UN 2030 Agenda calls for brave, meaningful choices, such as those made every day by our PMIheroes.

Angelantoni Industrie is a Group that brings together three companies working in the world of refrigeration and other areas. The most important is Angelantoni Test Technologies, which produces environmental test chambers for the automotive and space industries, amongst others. The story started far away, when Giuseppe Angelantoni had a dream of returning home to Umbria, and bringing business to the land of his birth, and this sense of belonging is still one of the core values guiding the company.

Protecting the local area and valuing the people who live there are central to the work of Angelantoni Industrie. The collaboration with universities, the pride in training new professionals, some of whom have also become entrepreneurs, makes this company an active player in the creation of value and wealth for the region.

There can be no development in the area if there is no simultaneous development of businesses, and vice versa. It has always been our top commitment to protect and safeguard everything originating from the local area.

Gianluigi Angelantoni, Cavaliere del Lavoro and President of Angelantoni Industrie

“Building resilient infrastructure, promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialisation and fostering innovation”” 

GOAL no. 9 of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development