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From prison to graduation: the LINK project for the reintegration of prisoners

Studying as a way to start afresh: the aim of the LINK project – carried out together with the Articolo 3 Association – is to facilitate the reintegration into society of the prisoners of the Bollate Prison in Milan by allowing them to follow an academic course.

Progetto LINK - Banca Ifis

Marginalisation and social fragility should be tackled with the belief that people who find themselves in the margins of society can still turn their energies and abilities into a source of value.

The aim of the LINK project is designed to allow inmates of the Bollate Prison in Milan redeem themselves through higher education.

The LINK project

Together with the Articolo 3 Association, the LINK project offers academic support for people who enrolled at university before going to prison, as well as for prisoners wishing to resume education broken off in the past or who obtain a diploma in prison and want to continue their studies.

Why we support the project

The collaboration with the Articolo 3 Association in the Bollate Prison project is particularly significant in the context of our plan of engagement and support for inclusion, to help with the financial and social reintegration of people in difficulty.

The Articolo 3 Association

Founded in Milan in 1998, the Articolo 3 Social Cooperative involves a group of social workers with particular skills, interests and experiences in the legal, penitentiary and socio-educational fields.

In over fifteen years of activity it has planned, implemented and managed numerous initiatives aimed at promoting processes of social inclusion, operating mainly in the area of hardship and marginalisation, and in the criminal and penitentiary fields in particular.