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EquiLibri Project

In order to guarantee the right to university study, the EquiLibri project was created, offering prisoners enrolled at university, as well as those wishing to start or resume their studies, the opportunity to undertake and continue their education through Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses.

EquiLibri 2

A second chance: social reintegration

We support the Cooperativa Sociale Articolo 3, which implements projects aimed at promoting social reintegration, working in particular within the Casa di Reclusione Milano Bollate prison to give inmates a second chance.


Combating marginalisation and social fragility means giving those on the margins of the community a chance by inspiring them with confidence so as to enable them to pursue personal and social fulfilment.

Impact measurement

EquiLibri is one of the Kaleidos projects chosen for impact measurement, an activity developed to give economic value to the changes brought about through the social projects we support.

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of project participants believe they have increased the likelihood of finding employment once their prison sentence is over


of the students claim to have improved their personal well-being


Impact multipler


Why we support the project

The collaboration with the Article 3 Association in Bollate Prison is particularly significant since it represents a key activity in our plan to engage and support the local area on issues of inclusion, making it easier for individuals who are facing hardship to reintegrate into the economic and social context.

The Article 3 Association

Founded in Milan in 1998, the Cooperativa Sociale Articolo 3 consists of a group of social workers with special skills, interests and experience in the legal, penitentiary and socio-educational fields. In over 20 years of activity, it has designed, implemented and managed numerous actions aimed at promoting social reintegration, working mainly in the area of hardship and marginalisation.


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