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Welfood for the well-being of Ifis People

We believe that well-being is not just a physical state, but also includes caring for one’s emotional life and relationships. This is why we have offered Banca Ifis employees the opportunity to access free advice to support every aspect of their personal life.

This initiative has been developed by Kaleidos, Banca Ifis’ Social Impact Lab that aims to promote initiatives with a high social impact, with a particular focus on inclusive communities, culture and territory, and the well-being of people.

Safeguarding health and well-being in Banca Ifis is a high priority issue, and includes various initiatives targeted at protection and prevention. Thanks to our collaboration with the experts at Welfood, a new element has been added to this scheme to support the personal, work and family life of all Ifis People.

A consultant for every need

The project is a joint initiative with Welfood, and is designed to help all our Ifis People build their own wellbeing experience. They can choose between six different areas, based on their needs and feelings, and with full respect for the privacy, availability and special nature of each individual.

The 6 opportunities for all-round well-being

Each of them focused on different needs.

The values of the project

Respect for the individual

Every one of our Ifis People is valuable for the whole Bank, so their well-being must always come first.

The variety of possibilities

The range of proposals on offer allows everyone to focus on that aspect of their life they regard as most important.

A professional service

The care of our people should be entrusted to experts who can help them through their scientific knowledge and experience.