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Supporting children’s development with the ALDO Project

ALDO, a project created by the Yolk Association and supported by Banca Ifis will offer 70 children training and artistic activities, helping them bring out and develop their potential. A free summer camp to aid children with a deprived social background.

Inaugurated in Rome in June 2022, ALDO is a free summer camp based on an outdoor educational model that will give 70 children between 6 and 10 years of age the opportunity to participate in countless activities in the courtyard of the Carlo Pisacane School “Simonetta Salacone” institute in Tor Pignattara.

The ALDO project, available in June and July 2022, will see children participate in sports activities such as the five-rhythm dance, basketball, taekwondo, football, skateboarding, but also theatre and artistic expression workshops such as the one on the art of photography.

The programme will not only involve young people by offering them unique stimuli and experiences, but it will also give concrete support to families and the entire local community.


The ALDO Hall, an area designed for more flexible and inclusive learning, was created to broaden and improve the experience of outdoor education. The interactive structure, set up in collaboration with the Paraside 2.0 collective of designers together with architectural studio ZarCola, allows young participants to express themselves freely and entirely safely.

The Yolk association

YOLK is an association founded in 2017 and inspired by the idea of ​​an egg as a fertile and generative core.  Its mission is to counter educational poverty and involve children from a deprived social background in extra-curricular activities that can bring out their potential and value .