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Lunch boxes by award-winning chefs for people in difficulty

In times of great difficulty for many families such as during the pandemic, we have paid particular attention to people and the community, supporting the Don Gino Rigoldi Foundation in its project “Prendersi Cura non ha scadenza“.

Fondazione Don Gino Rigoldi - Banca Ifis

Together with the Don Gino Rigoldi Foundation we offered a sign that we care for and wish to help people who are going through a difficult time. With the “Prendersi cura non ha scadenza” project, the 52 families receiving food packages from the association also received 3 hot meals prepared by award-winning chefs every week.

We are not satisfied with giving food to those who are hungry: we believe it is important to act in a way that allow us to imagine a different future.

Don Gino Rigoldi

The project

Thanks also to our contribution, 218 people helped by the Foundation received each week – together with regular food parcels –  3 hot ‘lunch boxes’, prepared by the young people of the Comunità Nuova Social Cooperative, partner of the Foundation, under the guidance of award-winning chefs, as well as more than 7400 hot meals.

Gourmet food was an opportunity to bring together in a friendly manner families who had been brought to their knees by the health emergency, and to listen to their needs and difficulties to help create a solution that can make them autonomous.

For the duration of the 12-week project and it provided for the support of an educator and a tutor in a virtuous path to help them start again..

The numbers of the initiative



hot meals

by award-winning chefs per week


involved in the project


involved in the project

The chefs involved

The meals distributed were conceived and prepared by exceptional chefs, who alternated in the kitchen together with the people of the Comunità Nuova Social Cooperative. Among others, these chefs took part: Alessandro Borghese, Cristiano Tomei, Tommaso Arrigoni, Elio Sironi and Claudio Sadler.

The Don Gino Rigoldi Foundation

The Don Gino Rigoldi Foundation has always been involved in support activities for families in socio-economic difficulty. The health and social emergency due to the Covid-19 epidemic has led the Foundation to make an even stronger commitment on several fronts: distribution of 500 PCs for remote education for children, delivery of over 600 prepaid cards for spending for families in difficulty, and early childhood support for 40 families together with the Red Cross of Milan.