The voice of those who never give up

The year 2020 has been a difficult one that has seen companies (and not only) do battle with an invisible enemy. The Covid-19 emergency has forced us to reassess the way we communicate with our customers and to take decisions relating to the future, during a period of great uncertainty. It is a time that will define the choices of businesses and their approach both in the present and in the future.

Many trends have accelerated: the technological dimension supporting production activities has assumed a central role, and the unknowns relating to exports and the reshaping of consumption habits have demanded close attention.

In this context, Banca Ifis has continued to support its customers in terms of their liquidity needs, the reorganisation of production, and new business ideas.

The protagonists of this relationship that has grown exponentially are: entrepreneurs, spokespersons for an Italy that never gives up, and small and medium-sized enterprises that continue to invest every day and entrust their projects to a partner of choice with whom they can face all the new challenges to grow and compete in the market of tomorrow.

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2021 - The companies in one sentence

Tenditalia Tenditalia

Tenditalia: the main road is innovation

“During a period of crisis, we felt that the best way to react was to invest in innovation and new solutions for the market. We responded to uncertainty with the courage of initiative that has always characterised our way of doing business, expanding the Fabric Packaging Department and becoming a leader in the sector at a national level.”

Prodea Group Prodea Group

Prodea Group: creativity that saves

“We are a company that works with images, lights and colours. We have faced with confidence and creativity this period that has presented us with many challenges, but has also given us the resources to always look at our work from a fresh perspective.”

2020 - The interviews: challenges and projects

Matec: for us, the challenge is the future

“My thought is not to give up because I am sure that we will emerge from this difficult time. This is an emergency due not to individual entrepreneurial errors but to a contingency that nobody could have foreseen…”

Laser team: a time to reflect

“We stopped and began the process of reorganising the business in a more modern and efficient way. We are using the time available to think of more innovative ways in which the company can grow. To understand the value of what you do, sometimes you have to stop and look for new ideas, without the distraction of daily work…”

Nethesis: together we can go far

“We must start from our present certainties, from the values that lie at the heart of our work and daily life. Despite an atmosphere of general anxiety, the positive thing is that people want to keep going and not let up, and to face this crisis with courage…”

Banca Ifis Fap Italia Banca Ifis Fap Italia

FAP Italia: the value of work

“I believe that the world is changing, that the new generations are better and it is the duty of us all to make society better, to make the world of work better. A positive thing perhaps is that at this moment we are realising that work has great value, you have to do it well and you have to be honest…”

Amped Software: communication first and foremost

“The emergency draws your attention to the reality of things, whether at home, at work or in relationships. The emphasis on smart working has improved communication and collaboration because it is now better structured. It has also obliged people of all social backgrounds and age groups to use technology, making the country take a step forward, and we can only benefit from this…”

Pastificio Gaetarelli: destination e-commerce

“Some consumer habits have changed and it is up to us to understand the importance of this; for example, resorting to e-commerce may become almost essential. Those who survive are those who know how to adapt fastest to change…”

Kosmetikal: the company is a team

“This is a time of great opportunity. It has been stressful, no doubt about it, but it has also been one of those times that make you take a leap and, if you go about it in the right way, can offer you the chance to broaden your horizons, raise the bar…”