Governance in brief

We have adopted the traditional administration and control model, which we believe to be the most suitable for ensuring management efficiency and effectiveness of controls, and which has so far provided good results in terms of creating value for shareholders, strengthening capital and financial balance.

Proper governance is the prerequisite for effective business management.

We adhere to the purposes and indications of the Corporate Governance Code of Companies Listed on the Italian Stock Exchange, and our governance system is in line with the principles established by the Code, the recommendations formulated by Consob and best practices.

Our costant goal is to ensure the fair division of responsibilities and powers, through a correct balance between management and control functions.
In fact, the traditional governance model adopted establishes that:

  • Strategic supervision is performed by the Board of Directors. In line with the provisions of the Corporate Governance Code, the Board has set up three committees within it which have powers of investigation, consultation and proposal: Control and Risks, Appointments, Remunerations;
  • Management is entrusted to the CEO. The General Manager participates in management;
  • Control is carried out by the Board of Statutory Auditors.

Also in perspective, we believe that the traditional model will remain the most suitable to support a harmonious and orderly development of the Banca Ifis Group: this structure has so far proved to facilitate a clear definition of responsibilities, a streamlined decision-making process and an effective dialogue between the corporate bodies.

Articles of Association

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Report on Corporate Governance

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