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I for “Innovazione” (Innovation)

Digital innovation for business

We are no ordinary bank. We don’t have bank branches in the traditional sense. We are innovative in the way we feel like a Bank and in the way we operate. Digital technology helps us to go the extra mile in search of an ever closer and more personal relationship with customers.

We have always invested in technology as we feel it is a way to gain the trust of those applying for loans and to offer the best in assistance. This approach, which puts the entrepreneur first and foremost, applies to all channels, both physical and digital. We must ensure that the entrepreneur can have the best possible experience, no matter what.

Raffaele Zingone, Co-General Manager and Chief Commercial Officer of Banca Ifis

Constant business innovation is, for us, an important way of gaining a competitive edge in terms of better customer relations, ensuring ease and immediacy of access to services and performing transactions, even in complete autonomy.

We aim to expand the range of products on a digital platform and improve the experience of customers with a view to building a unique, distinctive and immediate relationship of trust with them.

For us, innovation means improving a business on several fronts: from the digitisation of sales processes to solutions for reducing operational risks.

We want to use digital technology to offer increasingly personalised services, providing short-term loans more quickly with the careful selection of customers and sectors.

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