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Launched in 2020, myIfis is the digital platform designed to allow corporate customers – through multi-stage development – to manage their entire product portfolio easily and in real time.

The project stems from the desire to rationalise and simplify the current portals, providing companies with a single access point to carry out all operations electronically.

myIfis is active for the factoring, supply chain, leasing and rental sectors.


The ongoing process of digitisation

It’s a challenge: relationships with retail consumers have been digitised for some time, but there is still significant room for improvement when it comes to relationships with businesses.

One of the first aspects we decided to focus on was the “transferred debtor”, namely the party that must physically pay the invoice for the purchase/sale made by and between the Bank and creditor, the subject that typically plays a key role in the supply chain. Improving process efficiency means freeing up liquidity to be allocated to suppliers more quickly, almost instantly.

In addition to greatly improving user experience, companies have significantly increased their operational efficiency with the complete digitisation of almost all their processes.

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