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Digitisation of sales processes

Besides bolstering the solutions for greater customer satisfaction, the Banca Ifis Group is committed to gradually digitising processes so as to boost efficiency, curb operational risk, and make the sales process more effective.

Effectiveness of the sales process thanks to the Customer Relationship Management System

With the evolution of the Customer Relationship Management System, our sales network is able to:

  • Obtain an overall view of the customer (personal data, relationships between subjects, products in their possession, etc.), perform contact strategy, and propose campaigns and measure their performance and objectives;
  • Obtain a qualitative view of the customer, in order to carry out pre-analysis on the soundness of the data (financial statements, risk centre, negative events) and configure the products to be put in the basket.

In addition, the portals dedicated to leasing and rental partners are being upgraded to increasingly optimise the flows between the Bank and its external network.

Greater efficiency thanks to artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence tools have been implemented for the credit recovery processes of the NPL business to identify the best strategy for subscribing for repayment plans and guide the management between the different recovery methods.

Data warehouse solutions based on Big Data technology have therefore been expanded to support business leasing, enabling better use of summary data relating to operations and product sales.

Process digitisation and operational risk reduction

  • Optimisation of factoring documentation flows: the creation of the new “Digibox” application was completed, which simplifies and makes the processes of document generation, sending and archiving more uniform.
  • Implementation of the Online Hub for businesses: starting with Ifis4business, the portal dedicated to the recognition of receivables by factoring debtors, the progressive development of the platform dedicated to businesses for the management of their relations with the Bank is underway.
  • Self-decision to support leasing: evolution of systems to support self-decision processes for the resolution of leasing contracts, in order to significantly speed up sales and facilitate internal evaluation.

Digital sales solutions

We offer fully digitised sales solutions with the digital signing of contracts. The service was developed for the vehicle leasing segment and is now available for:

  • All leasing and rental contracts;
  • Subscribing for mortgages guaranteed by the Guarantee Fund;
  • Retail customers: as in the previous year, 100% of customers opened an account using a digital signature and performed all current account and deposit account transactions electronically;
  • NPL customers: 16% of repayment plans were completed with a vocal order (17% in 2019).