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Digital acceleration

What will distinguish Banca Ifis? Services tailor-made also from a digital point of view, for SMEs in particular; speed of disbursement of short-term credit; careful selection of customers and sectors.

Web marketing to support the business

By adopting the most advanced web marketing algorithms, Banca Ifis embarked on a path of development of the digital channel to support the growth of businesses and the search for new customers.

The new “People Based” advertising methods show banners and advertisements only to online users who, on the basis of a set of rules (e.g. sites visited, searches carried out on search engines, etc.), are potentially interested in the products of Banca Ifis. To do this, a Data Management Platform (DMP) has been adopted which allows the creation of profiled advertising activities and a real time analytics system to monitor performance in real time.

To offer potential customers the best User Experience when they come into contact with the Bank’s web channels, a specialised Marketing Automation solution has been implemented which, again based on the Data Management Platform, can tailor the content of the web pages to the user profile of the potential customer. In addition, on the basis of different parameters of affinity and propensity to buy, specific actions are activated (for example, custom popups and sliders) to support the development of the new customer base.

Investments in ICT

An acceleration of investments in digital and ICT platforms

The Bank is at the forefront of innovation and the simplification of customers’ lives, for example with the use of electronic signatures for the signing of contracts, the management of paperless files, and the approval of documents in 24 hours.

Fintech innovation

In July 2020, Banca Ifis formed a partnership with Fintech Raisin to make its deposit accounts also available on the German marketplace WeltSparen (

Since the launch of its savings accounts in 2008, Banca Ifis has always operated online without ever using traditional bank branches.