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Digitisation and NPLs

More efficient relations with borrowers and the use of Artificial Intelligence for data analysis are signs of innovation in the sector.

We are at the forefront of the NPL sector thanks to our ability to constantly improve our approach to relations with borrowers and our internal processes.

The PagaChiaro portal: to help borrowers

For retail customers in the NPL sector, the PagoChiaro Portal has been further implemented; this online payment platform was created to help borrowers return to a “performing” status in a sustainable way, using the speed of the digital approach that has always made Banca Ifis stand out.

By accessing the platform, it is possible to monitor and digitally pay one’s repayment plan by bank transfer, payment cards, pre-printed forms, Mooney or smartphone. In the coming months, the system will be further integrated with new features, in the name of a simple and even more effective user experience.

Faster analysis with Artificial Intelligence and robotics

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is essential in the NPL sector because it allows us to analyse large amounts of data.

The next objective is to use big data and robotics to analyse the data of digital documents during the process of portfolio onboarding and to implement AI-based solutions to guide the recovery chain.