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I for “Innovazione” (Innovation)

Digital innovation for employees

Banca Ifis has always been committed to innovation and has shown itself ready to face any change. Our agility and relative ability to adapt to the evolution of the market can be attributed to the regular refresher courses that we offer the people who work with us.

Banca Ifis is a bank truly based on people. If we pause to reflect on what makes us stand out, this is precisely it.

Frederik Geertman, Chief Executive Officer of Banca Ifis

Even in the most difficult of times, such as during the Covid-19 pandemic, we support our employees by offering them the work tools required to respond effectively to the needs of our customers.

It took considerable effort to organise ourselves during the pandemic in 2020. We tried out new ways of working and communicating remotely. We implemented the dematerialisation of processes, the use of digital signatures and the entering into contracts via Certified Electronic Mail. We have also always been able to guarantee full operational efficiency with the use of communication platforms. 93% of the company’s employees was in fact able to work from home.


Covid-19, with the need for social distancing, led to the birth of new ways of working. The Ifis Smart Way initiative supported employees working from home:


of the company’s employees worked from home during the pandemic


webinars on smart working with over 500 participants


digital sessions with over 1700 participants

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