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Banca Ifis’s Talent Management System, set up in 2017, follows the Bank’s path of digitisation to help employees further hone their skills.

For a company that innovates, it is essential to focus on the development of people and actions that can boost human potential.

Banca Ifis’s Talent Management System (Ifis Talent) was designed to improve the processes of recruitment, development and management of people. The quality of work and commitment to the digitisation of the many processes related to Human Resources has also been recognised by the HR Innovation Practice Observatory of the University of Milan. Banca Ifis was proud to stand out for its best practice, winning the 2019 HR Innovation Award in the Performance Management category.

Ifis Talent makes available to employees, on a single platform, all the tools required for development and continuous professional growth.

It is an innovative tool that also allows managers to view and learn about the “background” of their collaborators: in addition to the tools for the annual assessment, Ifis Talent has an area dedicated to Continuous Feedback, to allow managers to constantly provide feedback to their collaborators on objectives achieved, skills acquired and areas of improvement.

In 2020, the Onboarding process was added to the platform to support and guide new employees in their first three months of company life.