Digital Innovation Projects

Current and future projects at the service of business and employees.

Banca Ifis has a long tradition of being at the forefront of innovation and, even in the digital environment, it has proven to be quick in facing every transformation.

Digital innovation is, for the Group, an important way of gaining a competitive edge in terms of better customer relations, ensuring ease and immediacy of access to services and performing transactions, even in complete autonomy.

The Banca Ifis Group has always operated in Italy without traditional branches, but with an extensive commercial network that puts direct contact with the customer first and foremost.

It also uses all the latest and most sophisticated remote technologies to best meet the needs for flexibility, speed and efficiency.

The development of digital innovation is therefore one of the pillars of Group’s strategy, the objectives of which are: expansion of the product offer on the digital platform, improvement of the user experience, and rationalisation and digitisation of processes.

Digital sales solutions

Banca Ifis offers fully digitised sales solutions with the digital signing of contracts. Developed for the vehicle leasing segment, the service is now available for:

  • All leasing and rental contracts;
  • Subscribing for Mortgages guaranteed by the Guarantee Fund;
  • For retail customers: similarly to last year, 100% of customers opened the account using a digital signature, as well as having digitally ordered 100% of transactions on the current account and deposit account;
  • For NPL customers: 16% of repayment plans were completed with a vocal order (17% in 2019).

Digitisation of sales processes

Besides bolstering the solutions for greater customer satisfaction, the Banca Ifis Group is committed to gradually digitising processes so as to boost efficiency, curb operational risk, and make the sales process more effective.

Effectiveness of the sales process thanks to the Customer Relationship Management System

With the evolution of the Customer Relationship Management System, our sales network is able to:

  • Obtain an overall view of the customer (personal data, relationships between subjects, products in their possession, etc.), perform contact strategy, propose campaigns, measure their performance and objectives;
  • Obtain a qualitative view of the customer, in order to carry out pre-analysis on the soundness of the data (financial statements, risk centre, negative events) and configure the products to be put in the basket.
  • In addition, the portals dedicated to leasing and rental partners are being upgraded to increasingly optimise the flows between the Bank and its external network.

Greater efficiency thanks to artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence tools have been implemented for the credit recovery processes of the NPL business to identify the best strategy for subscribing for repayment plans and guide the management between the different recovery methods.

Data warehouse solutions based on Big Data technology have therefore been expanded to support business leasing, enabling better use of summary data relating to operations and product sales.

Process digitisation and reduced operating risks

  • Optimisation of factoring documentation flows: the creation of the new “Digibox” application was completed, which simplifies and makes the processes of document generation, sending and archiving more uniform.
  • Implementation of the Online Hub for businesses: starting with Ifis4business, the portal dedicated to the recognition of receivables by factoring debtors, the progressive development of the platform dedicated to businesses for the management of their relations with the Bank is underway.
  • Self-decision to support leasing: evolution of systems to support self-decision processes for the resolution of leasing contracts, in order to significantly speed up the sale of the same and facilitate internal evaluation.

Ifis4you: a portal for IfisPeople

The Ifis4You intranet, redesigned with rebranding of the Group, is a portal tailored to the user, with user-friendly design and the implementation of chatbot and AI. Employees have a tool at their disposal for disseminating information flows within the Group and optimising the Bank’s processes, producing tangible savings also in terms of time.

“Through the intranet we #Ifispeople can take part in initiatives, surveys, contests, interact and share moments of our lives in and outside the office.”

Beatrice, Web Content Specialist

Ifis Talent and HR Innovation Award

The Banca Ifis Talent Management System (Ifis Talent) was designed to improve the processes of recruitment, development and management of people. The quality of work and commitment to the digitisation of the many processes related to Human Resource has also been recognized by the HR Innovation Practice Observatory of the University of Milan. Banca IFIS was proud to stand out for its best practice, winning the 2019 HR Innovation Award in the Performance Management category.

Digital Collaboration Project

Banca Ifis launched the “Digital Collaboration” project, a training course to allow all employees to familiarise themselves with Office 365 tools. The new work hub promotes the diffusion of an innovative corporate culture and gives all employees the opportunity to use modern tools to better manage and organise their work and time.
In addition, the development of digital culture for employees proved to be essential in the context of the Covid-19 emergency, allowing 93% of employees to work from home and communicate remotely.

What will distinguish Banca Ifis?

  • Services tailor-made also from a digital point of view, for SMEs in particular;
  • Speed of disbursement of short-term credit;
  • Careful selection of customers and sectors.

Our focus on digital acceleration

New ways of working

Since March 2020, new ways of working and remote relations have been tested, thanks to the dematerialisation of processes, the implementation of the digital signature and the contracts stipulated via Certified Electronic Mail, but also thanks to relational platforms that made it possible to maintain operational efficiency even during the first rigid lockdown due to the Covid‑19 pandemic. In addition, 93% of the company’s employees was able to work from home.

Web marketing to support the business

By adopting the most advanced web marketing algorithms, Banca Ifis embarked on a path of development of the digital channel to support the growth of businesses and the search for new customers.

The new “People Based” advertising methods show banners and advertisements only to online users who, on the basis of a set of rules (e.g. sites visited, searches carried out on search engines, etc.), are potentially interested in the products of Banca Ifis. To do this, a Data Management Platform (DMP) has been adopted which allows the creation of profiled advertising activities and a real time analytics system to monitor performance in real time.

To offer potential customers the best User Experience when they come into contact with the Bank’s web channels, a specialised Marketing Automation solution has been implemented which, again based on the Data Management Platform, can tailor the content of the web pages to the user profile of the potential customer. In addition, on the basis of different parameters of affinity and propensity to buy, specific actions are activated (for example, custom popups and sliders) to support the development of the new customer base.

Investments in ICT

Acceleration of investments in digital and ICT platforms: the Bank is at the forefront of innovation and simplifying the life of customers (digital signature, paperless management, 24h for approval of the file).

Ifis4business: the digital portal for businesses

An online portal for assigned debtors is already active with order and consultation functions, which allows for the recognition of credits and the request for an extension with a service for digital signing of the documents produced. This is the first step of the Online Hub for businesses, which will be implemented to improve interaction and to allow entrepreneurs to autonomously manage their relationship with the Bank, in terms of monitoring, transactions and product selection.
The implementation of online sales channels culminated in the development of the digital lending process which made it possible to take a further step in the sale of financial products online, starting with the full digital subscribing for Mortgages Guaranteed by the Guarantee Fund.

Fintech innovation

In July 2020, Banca Ifis stipulated a partnership with Fintech Raisin to make its deposit accounts also available on the German marketplace WeltSparen ( Banca Ifis, since the launch of its deposit accounts in 2008, has always operated online without ever using the classic bank branches.

ICT development in the NPL field

The current application configuration, developed in-house in the NPL field, is recognised by the market as “best in class”. Investments are aimed at integrating all systems into a single core platform and extending the robotics and AI elements already in use to new process components. One of the next objectives is to use big data and robotics to analyse the data of the documents that are already available in the onboarding phase of the portfolios and the constant implementation of Artificial Intelligence solutions to guide the recovery chain.

Pagachiaro: the digital portal for NPL customers

PagaChiaro, the on-line payment platform created to help debtors return to “performing” status, has been further developed in a sustainable manner, with the speed of a digital approach for which Banca Ifis has always been known.

By accessing the platform, it is possible to monitor and digitally pay the repayment plan by bank transfer, payment cards, pre-printed forms, Mooney or smartphone. In the coming months, the system will be further integrated with new features, in the name of a simple and even more effective user experience.