Digital innovation projects

Yesterday, today, tomorrow

Banca Ifis has a long, state-of-the-art innovation and digital tradition. It moved fast to handle each transformation.

For the Group, digital innovation is an important competitive lever for improving service to customers guaranteeing easy, immediate access to services and to perform transactions, even autonomously.

The Banca Ifis Group has always operated all over the country with no traditional branches, using a capillary commercial network which has the importance of direct contract with customers as its priority. Using all the modern and most sophisticated remote technologies, its also responds to requests for flexibility, speed and efficiency in the best way possible.

The growth of digital innovation is confirmed as one of the supporting actions of Group strategy, with the following goals: to expand its offer of products on the digital platform, improve the user experience for customers, rationalise and digitalise internal processes.

Digital sales solutions

Banca Ifis offers digital sales solutions using the digital signature on contracts. Established for the vehicle Lease segment in 2017, it is now available for:

  • All lease and rental contracts;
  • For retail customers: 100% of customers have opened an account using the digital signature and ordered 100% of their current account transactions digitally;
  • For NPL customers: 17% of repayment plans were completed using a vocal order (data updated to 31 December 2019).

Digitisation of sales processes

Besides strengthening solutions that ensure customer satisfaction, the Banca IFIS Group is committed to gradually digitising processes to boost efficiency, curb the operational risk, and make the sales process more effective.

Sales process effectiveness thanks to the Customer Relationship Management System

In 2019, the Bank completed development of its Customer Relationship Management System, enabling the commercial network:

  • To have an overall view of the customer (personal data, relationship between subjects, products held, etc.), to perform the contact strategy, propose campaigns, measure its performance and goals;
  • To have a qualitative vision of the customer, in order to perform a pre-analysis of how good personal information is (balance sheets, central credit register, negative events) and configure products to be added to the sales basket.


Greater efficiency thanks to artificial intelligence

For processes assigning NPL business credit collection services, artificial intelligence tools have been adopted to identify the best repayment plan subscription strategy and orient management between the different collection methods.

It has therefore expanded datawarehouse solutions on Big data technology, to support the lease business, enabling better use of summary data on operations and product sales.


Process digitisation and reduced operating risks

  • Optimising factoring document flows: Implementation of the new “Digibox” application has been completed. This simplifies and makes document generation, sending and filing processes more uniform.
  • Auto-decisioning and leasing support: Evolution of systems to support the auto-decisioning processes for lease contract decisions, to considerably speed up sales and facilitate internal assessment.

Ifis4you: a portal for IfisPeople

The Ifis4You intranet, redesigned with Group rebranding, is a user-based portal, thanks to its usercentered design and implementation of chatbot and AI. Employees have access to a tool to circulate information flows in the Group and optimise Bank processes, for tangible savings, even in time.


“Through the intranet we #Ifispeople can take part in initiatives, surveys, contests, interact and share moments of our lives in and outside the office.”

Beatrice, Web Content Specialist

Ifis Talent and HR Innovation Award 2019

The Banca Ifis Talent Management System (Ifis Talent) was designed to improve its person recruitment, development and management. The quality of the work and commitment to the digitisation of many Human Resource processes has also been acknowledged by the HR Innovation Practice Observatory of the University of Milan. Banca IFIS stood out as best practice, winning the HR Innovation Award 2019 in the Performance Management category.

Digital Collaboration Project

In May 2019, the Bank launched the “Digital Collaboration” project; training to make all employees informed users of the Office 365 tools. The new hub promotes the spread of an innovative company culture and gives all employees the chance to use modern tools to manage and organise their work and time in the best way possible.

What will make Banca Ifis stand out?

  • Personalised services, also from the digital point of view, especially for SMEs;
  • Speed of allocation for short-term credit;
  • Careful selection of customers and sectors.

Il nostro focus sull’accelerazione digitale

New working methods

Since March 2020, we have been experimenting with new ways to work and hold relations remotely, thanks to the digital signature and contracts stipulated via PEC (Certified Electronic Mail). The company population has been able to work from home (95% of employees) guaranteeing operational continuity.


ICT investments

Speeding up investments in digital platforms and ICT: the Bank is in the forefront in innovation and in simplifying the life of its customers (digital signature, paperless management of dossiers, 24h for dossier approval).


Ifis4business: the digital portal for companies

An online portal with order and consultation functionalities is already operational for debtors transferred. It enables recognition of debts and the deferment request with digital signature for documents produced. This is the first step of the Online Hub for companies, to be implemented to improve interaction and make entrepreneurs autonomous when managing their Bank relations, at monitoring, transaction and product choice levels.


New horizons: marketplaces

In July 2020, Banca Ifis signed a partnership with Fintech Raisin to make its deposit accounts available on the German marketplace WeltSparen ( Ever since its deposit accounts were first launched in 2008, Banca Ifis has always operated on line, without using classic bank branches.

ICT development for the NPL sector

The current application configuration, developed in house for the NPL sector, is recognised as “best in class” by the market. New investments planned are to integrate all systems in a single core platform and extend the robotic and AI elements activated to new process components.


Pagachiaro: the digital portal for NPL customers

Pagachiaro is the online payment platform created to help debtors become “performing” again, sustainably, using that digital approach speed that has always made Banca Ifis stand out. On accessing the platform, you can monitor and settle the repayment plan digitally by bank transfer, payment cards, pre-marked postal slips, SisalPay or smartphone. In the next few months, the system will be integrated with new functionalities for a simple, even more effective user-experience.


AI and Datamining at the service of NPL

Nowadays, the NPL business uses an AI engine to analyse large quantities of data. Artificial Intelligence is needed to understand how to direct the collection chain. The next goal is to implement use of big data and robotics to analyse documentation data during the portfolio onboarding stage.