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Vehicle leasing

Driving your business.

Our vehicle leasing​ solutions are designed to meet the transport needs of freelance workers. You can rely on our commercial expertise to help you find the most suitable solutions for your business​. You will receive constant support for the full duration of the contract.

Our leasing solutions will also allow you to access certain tax benefits for your business, such as the deductability of fees and VAT, although these will clearly vary according to the intended use of the vehicle and the type of business involved.

The advantages of vehicle leasing by VAT number with Banca Ifis

We can meet the transport needs of professionals, collaborating with our major partners in the automotive sector.


Thanks to our considerable experience​ in the sector, we can offer just the right advice to meet your needs.


Our experts are always available to explore your requirements, responding to your queries in the shortest possible time​.

Complete solutions

We can provide a variety of options with regard to duration of lease, advance and final payments, insurance coverage and additional services.

Vehicle leasing

Discover DIY leasing

Do you already know the model of car you want? Apply for leasing with Banca Ifis through an entirely online procedure: select your car, find out about our quotation and manage your leasing practice independently.

Insurance cover for your leasing

Learn about services and insurance solutions for your motor vehicle leasing.

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