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Transport through the years: the case of Corriere Rosa Srl

My grandfather founded the company in the 1920s; originally, we just provided transport from the Ledro Valley to Riva del Garda and our service was still on the backs of donkeys. – Gustavo Rosa, Sole Director of Corriere Rosa Srl, gave us a glimpse into the history of a company that is now in its fourth generation.

1928 was an important year for Corriere Rosa as we began to use motor vehicles in our business.

My grandfather was killed in a bombing raid during World War II. So my father, who was barely of age at the time, had to take charge of the company. I began to deputise for him in 1967, and in 1969, after two years working alongside my father, I took over the helm.

Corriere Rosa has seen many changes since it was founded, and with my children now in charge for several years, the company is into its fourth generation.

How many years have you been a customer of Banca Ifis? And how has the bank assisted you in the management of motor vehicle leasing?

We’ve been customers of Banca Ifis since 2019, and since then we’ve signed 16 contracts. These were to finance the purchase of several semi-trailers, both the curtain-side type and those with temperature-controlled refrigeration. We’re very satisfied with the services provided, and are happy with both Banca Ifis and the local dealership.

What are the Company’s plans for the future?

We’re planning to expand a particular sector of our business. Indeed, apart from transport, we also provide temperature-controlled chambers for customers in the pharmaceutical and wine sectors. We’d like to invest more in this field, and it’s also important for us to renew our vehicles at regular intervals. So, we replace our tractors every 3-4 years, and our semi-trailers every 8 years.