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Our vehicle leasing solutions are designed to ensure you will always get customised packages suited to your needs. By relying on our commercial experience, you can select the best solutions for your business: we guarantee a rapid and practical response to your requests, in just a few steps. You will enjoy ongoing support: a personal consultant will be allocated to you who will always be on hand for the entire period of the leasing contract. You will have tax relief for your business, such as deductibility of leasing fees and VAT offsetting, to a variable extent, based on vehicle intended use and the type of activity.

The advantages of vehicle leasing by VAT number

We can satisfy all corporate mobility requirements, working with the best partners in the automotive sector to always guarantee the best solution meeting your requests, at the time you need it.

Specialist areas

Thanks to our experience in the sector, we will steer you towards the perfect solution for your requirements, providing you with targeted advice.

Rapid response

We are committed to responding as rapidly as possible, providing you with further information regarding the services that most interest you.

Comprehensive service range

Based on your requests, we can offer you a wide range of products, ensuring customised solutions from the standpoint of lease period, early redemption, purchase option and insurance, as well as additional services.

Insurance cover for your leasing


Choose to protect your vehicle from accidental damage thanks to our modular insurance plans, offering theft and fire, windshield, vandalism, weather events, breakdown assistance and collision or Kasko.
Promotional message, for the purpose of placement of insurance contracts. Before subscribing, please read the key information set on:, or obtain a hardcopy from the distibution network. The “Lease&Go” policy is underwritten by NOBIS COMPAGNIA DI ASSICURAZIONI S.p.A. and distributed by Banca Ifis S.p.A.


Choose the peace of mind of GAP+ cover; in the event you lose the use of your vehicle, due to theft or irreparable damage, compensation will be paid corresponding to the difference between the vehicle purchase price and its sales value at the time of the incident, or any reimbursement value of your policy.


Choose this modular personal insurance solution, with cover in the event of Death, Permanent Total Disability and Temporary Total Disability due to Accident or Illness, to protect your residual lease fee repayments.
Promotional message, for the purpose of placement of insurance contracts. Before subscribing, please read the key information set on:, or obtain a hardcopy from the distribution network. Insurance cover under the LEASE&LIFE policy is underwritten by carriers AXA FRANCE VIE S.A. and AXA FRANCE IARD S.A. (General Agent for Italy). The GAP+ policy is underwritten by AXA FRANCE IARD S.A. (General Agent for Italy). Insurance products are distributed by Banca Ifis S.p.A.


Choose to track your vehicle in the event of theft, thanks to a solution based on high-frequency wireless technology that helps you easily identify your vehicle.

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