Since 2017, Banca IFIS has started a process of analysis to identify the non-financial areas in which the Group has the most significant impact, and which of these can have the greatest influence on stakeholder decisions.

The topics that emerged from this analysis were given an order of priority based on their overall relevance, given by the sum of internal relevance (for the Banca IFIS Group) and external relevance (for the Group’s stakeholders).

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The Banca IFIS Group pursues the objective of strengthening its competitive position in the market that offers credit to small and medium enterprises. In this context, the Group aims to expand its market share in the segments of commercial credit, also in terms of subjects with specialized needs such as pharmacies, leasing, tax credit and that of doubtful collection, through the offer of high-quality financial services, a high level of customization, credit risk control and profitability consistent with the quality offered.

Banca IFIS is the Parent Company of the Banca IFIS Group and adopts the traditional model of Administration and Control.

In the model adopted by Banca IFIS:

  • the strategic supervision function is performed by the Board of Directors;
  • the Body with management function has been identified as the CEO. The General Manager participates in the management function;
  • the control function is performed by the Board of Statutory Auditors.


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According to the principle of “materiality”, the potentially relevant issues for non-financial reporting are those that reflect the economic, social and environmental impacts of a company and/or that can significantly influence the decisions of its stakeholders.

The materiality analysis process involves three phases:

  • identification of relevant topics;
  • prioritization of themes and definition of the materiality matrix;
  • validation of the materiality matrix.


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The topics identified through the materiality analysis are IFIS INTEGRITY, IFIS PEOPLE, IFIS CUSTOMERS and IFIS RESPONSIBILITY



The way in which Banca IFIS conducts its business activities is the subject of attention by stakeholders. The Banca IFIS Group is committed to developing and disseminating corporate culture and values ​​both internally and externally, and to participating with integrity and respect in all aspects of regulatory compliance, with particular commitment to the fight against corruption.

The Code of Ethics represents the “manifesto” of the corporate culture of Banca IFIS and of the other companies of the Group, intended both for the information/training of Collaborators and for the dissemination of this culture among all stakeholders. Given that the effectiveness of the Organizational Model and of the Code of Ethics presupposes a full diffusion of the “culture of control” among all employees and the awareness of all the structures involved, the Group takes care of the training of personnel on the contents of the Organizational Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01 and the Code of Ethics.

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The creation of new jobs is a priority for the Banca IFIS Group: the institution’s vision highlights the Bank’s active role in contributing to the economy in which it operates, supporting employment and the creation of social value. This role is fostered by the continuous growth recorded in the Bank’s long-standing businesses (management of non-performing loans and financing for small and medium-sized enterprises), which, over the years, has led to the need to strengthen the corporate structures of both business and governance.

In 2018 Banca IFIS hired 168 people, to which were added the employees of the newly acquired companies: Capitalfin and Credifarma.

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As the leading independent operator in the specialty finance market in Italy, the Banca IFIS Group places the support of entrepreneurship and the financial inclusion of its customers among its main objectives. In particular, the year 2018 was a year full of strategic operations, enriching the brands and tools with which Banca IFIS achieves this objective.

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The Banca IFIS Group pays particular attention to strengthening relationships with the territories in which it operates and with stakeholders at regional and national level, manifesting not only the desire to promote entrepreneurial development and to spread its corporate culture, but also the commitment to support organizations and associations involved in the community, to carry out projects with schools and universities and to open the spaces of the Bank to initiatives and events of interest for citizenship or aimed at the business community.

The Communication team plans and organizes the Group’s events, initiatives and donations in these areas, ensuring full compliance with the principles and rules of conduct set forth in the Code of Ethics relating to transparency, compliance with laws, choice of beneficiaries and registration of payments made.

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