IR Policy

As part of Banca IFIS Group’s business strategy, financial communication is of fundamental importance for creating an ongoing dialogue with institutional and private investors and with financial analysts.

The Bank ensures complete and immediate openness in its communications and acts proactively towards its stakeholders, illustrating and analysing short-term information, highlighting the Group’s strategic directions and developing a relationship of trust with market operators and the business community.

Investor Relations activities include the preparation, management and coordination of all activities required for achievement of the Group’s objectives concerning the relationship with the bank’s internal and external stakeholders.
The Investor Relations department is involved on a daily basis in maintaining effective communications with the financial market, to ensure a regular flow of information that is systematic and complete.
Through its daily reports, the Investor Relations department provides an accurate and coherent overview of the Banca IFIS Group, facilitating the decisional process for market operators.

A proactive approach to communications is of fundamental importance to facilitate understanding of the corporate dynamics and actions introduced during the course of the year.

Various tools are used to ensure an efficient and adequate dissemination of company news in a clear, impartial and rapid form.

For the transmission and storage of regulated information, Banca IFIS uses the eMarket Regulatory Information Service and the storage mechanism eMarket STORAGE, available at and managed by Spafid Connect SpA with its registered office at 10 Foro Buonaparte, Milan.

Spafid Connect SpA