The advance payment of receivables.

We are able to satisfy your management, financial and insurance needs thanks to factoring, a particularly advantageous financial instrument for all companies that have continuous supply contracts with customers both in the public and private sectors.

Factoring is a financial solution by which a company transfers its trade receivables to the Bank, obtaining in return the liquidity needed to sustain its business. Factoring is a valid tool for both turnover concentrated on certain customers, perhaps acquired recently, and if the company wants to optimise its cash flow.

The main factoring services include:

  • Administration, management and collection of receivables;
  • Advance payment of receivables before their expiry;
  • Guarantee of successful completion of the transactions;
  • Professional evaluation of the commercial portfolio of the customer company;
  • Legal assistance during the debt recovery phase.

We finance your business regardless of size or sector.

The parties involved

The customer company

The party who has a receivable due from another counterparty and who transfers it to the factor.

The factor

A specialised operator that manages and finances the commercial credits of a company, after having assessed its merit and assigned debtors.

The assigned debtor

The company with which the transferor has a supply contract and which is required to pay the receivable transferred to the factor.

The advantages of factoring

  • It responds to the financial and liquidity needs of the company in a flexible way and with a high degree of customisation;
  • It resolves the imbalance between the needs of a company’s commercial policy and the terms and conditions of payment granted to customers;
  • It provides a flexible solution if the management of working capital constitutes a strategic aspect of the business, for example during startup of the business or expansion into new markets, or in the case of a highly divided commercial portfolio;
  • It ensures speed and certainty of timely disbursement of the amount of the transferred receivables.

The possibility of obtaining protection from the risk of insolvency of its customers allows for both qualitative strengthening of working capital and support in particular phases, such as entry into new markets.

The use of factoring can lead to an increase in business volume, thanks to the possibility of divesting unexpired loans, freeing up financial resources for the development and growth of the business.

The use of factoring leads to an increase in the speed of circulation of working capital, through the reduction of the monetary cycle – from the payment of purchases of raw materials to the collection of sales of finished products – and reduces the company’s financial needs.

  • It allows a company to entrust control and management of the portfolio of acquired receivables to a specialised operator, and free up its customer relations departments to concentrate on the production and commercial aspects of the business;
  • It can allow the company to avoid incurring the costs for the management of trade receivables, thanks to outsourcing of administration, control and assessment of the assigned debtors.

Factoring is a form of loan that complements rather than competes with traditional bank credit and can be used by the company to diversify its financial resources.
Transferring receivables to a factor is a sign that the company is attentive to the management of its receivables and to the planning of its cash flows. The transfer of receivables is normal as part of the growth path of a company.

Our solutions

Our thirty-year track record allows us to enter directly into the supply relationship between companies, offering customised solutions based on our customers’ needs.
We have developed skills and expertise over time which we also make available to our customers.

What does our factoring have to offer?

  • Speed: feedback on assessment of the proposal for entrusting the portfolio within a few days.
  • Customisation: tailoring to the company’s business requirements, with the possibility of combining the loan and management services with that of protection from the risk of non-payment of customers. In this way, we always remain close to the company and support it in its growth path.
  • Digital signature: possibility of undersigning the documentation online and remotely.

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With Ifis4business you manage your factoring relations easily thanks to a completely digital experience.

You choose how to manage the transfer of new invoices, the request for liquidity and organisation of due dates. You will have all in information needed in a single portal: your direct channel with Banca Ifis.

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Insurance for small and medium-sized enterprises - D&O for SMEs

This is specific insurance coverage for the protection of the personal assets of directors, managers, company directors with corporate positions, and statutory auditors, in the event of “bad management” (negligence, error, incorrect declaration, omission, etc.) which leads to economic loss for: the company, third parties, suppliers or partners, or even in the event of bankruptcy of the company itself.

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