IAS Compliant Factoring

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We respond to any business need you may have, offering modular products which we can then customise according to your requirements.
Our intended customers are primarily large suppliers to hospitals and companies working with the National Health Service.

Assignment of receivables claimed from Local Health Authorities (ASL) and Hospitals, means your company can benefit from cash inflow early, paying a minimum cost, while enjoying numerous benefits: above all, avoiding National Health Service and Public Administration long settlement times.

By choosing our solutions and services, you can count on the competence and experience that are our signature: a team of specialists will help you find the best solution for your business needs.


EUR 1 billion

in addition to EUR 500 thousand invoices managed annually.

Factoring pro soluto farmacie Factoring pro soluto farmacie

Non-recourse factoring

This is the financing solution intended for companies supplying Italian and foreign companies or the National Health Service. Non-recourse factoring combines receivables management, collection and receivables financing services, with protection against the insolvency risk of yours customers.
The main benefits you will gain are early cash availability, the Insolvency Risk Guarantee, reduction of working capital and improvement of financial statement indicators.

Factoring pro solvendo farmacie Factoring pro solvendo farmacie

Recourse factoring

In a recourse factoring transaction, you assign us receivables claimed from your customers, against which we pay instant cash, easily and securely. The benefits for your business are: early cash availability, optimisation of payments flow and increased competitiveness.

Gestione del credito farmacie Gestione del credito farmacie

Receivables management

We offer a full receivables management service from billing to collection.

Factoring indiretto Factoring indiretto

Reverse factoring

Reverse factoring provides you with full assistance in managing supply payables and outflows. It is ideal for medium and large-sized groups or public entities with a split supplier portfolio.

In this way, it is possible to:

  • Simplify trade payables administration, by liaising with a single partner;
  • Improve the relationship with your suppliers by providing them with trade receivables management and financing services.

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