IAS Compliant Factoring

We empower your business providing working capital and stability.

Our factoring products intended for businesses are the solution for Large Corporate entities that want to assign their receivables to us against obtaining immediate liquid funds, thereby protecting the business from the risk of insolvency of their assigned customers.

If your business adopts IAS/IFRS or US GAAP accounting standards, thanks to IAS Compliant Factoring, it will have the option of assigning, under Outright Assignment of Receivables (OAR) trade receivables, thereby keeping receivables turnover ratios stable, as well as achieving targets linked to liquidity and working capital ratio on total assets.

Vantaggi del Factoring IAS Compliant


The advantages of this product are numerous: in addition to mitigating risks linked to collection and the immediate conversion of receivables to cash, you will be able to improve your main financial statement indicators, NFP and NFP/EBITDA ratio.

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