The pillars of our commitment

Our commitment to sustainability is developed on four main pillars: ethics and integrity in business management, customer focus, attention for our people and responsibility towards the territory and the environment.

Ifis Integrity

Ifis Integrity represents the integrity of the Group, our constant commitment to guarantee credit quality and to spread the corporate culture and values inside and outside the Bank. We promote virtuous behaviour consistent with the Group’s values, such as the fight against corruption, the protection of the privacy of our customers and attention to sustainability.

Ifis Customers

Ifis Customers express the centrality of the customer, financial inclusion and support for entrepreneurship. We want to be the Italian operator of reference in financial support to Italian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs): we support the real economy as a SME bank and, in the NPL (Non Performing Loans) sector, we offer families and businesses the possibility to agree and manage sustainable repayment plans.

Guided by digital innovation and with a transparent management of information, we guarantee our customers a speedy response and high quality services and products.

Ifis People

Ifis People reflects the fact that we are a Bank made up of people constructing solid, authentic relationships, within and without. We believe in the enhancement, training, growth, inclusion and well-being of all employees and we strongly promote them. Through initiatives such as the inclusive platform Ifis Talent, we improve managerial growth and development, building paths in line with the needs and skills of our #Ifispeople.

Ifis Responsibility

Ifis Responsibility encompasses all those initiatives that have a positive impact on communities and the environment, which create value for the area in which we operate and are at the heart of our commitment. We collaborate with local institutions to enhance sustainable development and, through reports, studies and projects dedicated to business culture, we strengthen our support for businesses and communities.

We have introduced specific sustainable financing products and programmes to foster the development of environmentally-sustainable behaviour and business activities. Thanks to the #ifisgreen project, we have activated numerous initiatives and actions to protect the environment around us.