Ifis Real Estate S.p.A.

100% controlled by Ifis Npl Servicing, Ifis Real Estate S.p.A. is a non-regulated company that provides consulting for the management of NPLs with underlying property and the valuation and marketing of properties. It was taken over in 2019 by Banca Ifis. 

Ifis Real Estate S.p.A. specialises in secured and guaranteed NPLs and has a well-established property valuation and appraisal structure to guarantee loans. It can count on a network dedicated to out-of-court recovery through the sale of properties charged by way of guarantee. 

The company has developed a coordinated and homogeneous process, based on considerable experience with the product and significant local expertise, and is aimed at all real estate funds, asset management companies, and public and private bodies.

President: Luca Lo Giudice
Chief Executive Officer: Filippo Contadini