Expertise is one of the values that distinguishes us: we nurture it through the continuous training of our people, and consider it the fundamental lever to support growth of the business and the retention of talent.

“At Banca Ifis we will continue to invest in the skills of our people: for it is only with our people and our specific know-how that we will be able to reap future successes”.

Frederik Geertman, Chief Executive Officer of Banca Ifis

People are at the heart of the transformation also in the 2022-2024 D.O.E.S. Business Plan of Banca Ifis, which envisages 200 new hires, of which 150 will be young people, and a training and reskilling programme to strengthen and expand the distinctive skillsets of employees. 

Every year, based on the result of the performance appraisal process and the training needs identified, we prepare a Training Plan for employees. Said Plan is proposed by the Human Resources Development and Training function and approved by the Chief Executive Officer.

Key figures


total training hours delivered


average training hours per capita


hours of health and safety training delivered

How we ensure professional development

We are committed to ensuring improvement of the skills and professional performance of our employees through:

  • Basic training, aimed at providing general information about the company’s operations, products, services, and procedures;
  • Mobility to different job positions, aimed at increasing specialist, sales and managerial skills;
  • The modulation of specific projects by type of role/professional family or by clusters of employees.

Our training programmes

Programmes for employees can relate to three macro-areas:

  • Managerial, behavioural and technical training;
  • Compulsory Training;
  • Training courses for contingent or emerging needs, such as organizational, regulatory changes or new business priorities.

Ifis Academy

Ifis Academy is the training, promotion and development centre for Banca Ifis’ talent. Stemming from the commitment of our management in involving internal organisational structures, with internationally renowned partners and top business schools.

Inspired by the Bank’s leadership model, it is a management school that constantly enhances the technical and behavioural skills of all its people, Ifis People.

Develop your potential

Banca Ifis’ projects for its people

Agility and innovation are intrinsic to our company and it is for this reason that we invest in digital skills.

Ifis Talent is our Talent Management System—a platform designed to digitally coordinate the processes of training, development and management of employees, as well as in accordance with the needs of each employee and those of the organisation.

Ifis Talent, in addition to the tools for the annual assessment of employees, has an area dedicated to Continuous Feedback, to allow all employees to share their views for the purpose of continuous improvement. In 2021, after a training course involving 8 video clips, important changes were made to the Continuous Feedback tool with the aim of further developing a culture of continuous improvement with promotion of all internal networking contexts in which to give or ask for feedback: it has been made available also for the exchange of feedback between colleagues of different areas, to give feedback to one’s boss or request it, and it has been digitally integrated with the video clips depending on the skills subject to feedback, thereby supporting not only the process of personal awareness but also the possibility to acquire new references and behavioural methods.

The Onboarding process was also digitalised in the platform, in order to support and guide new employees in their first three months of company life.

In 2019, we received the HR Innovation Award from the HR Innovation Practice Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano for our commitment to the digitization of many processes related to Human Resources and, in 2020, our case studies were also presented and shared as Best Practices at the annual “Development & Organization Forum” in Este.

We have made our fully digitized Onboarding programme available to new colleagues to help them along their way and make them feel a valued member of our company.

More efficient, flexible and immediate, the programme involves the following steps for new employees:

  • Email: a welcome email is sent providing some information on how to start working within the Group. Information is also given on the process of inclusion and on pending administrative activities.
  • Mentoring: this process, which involves the input of a “mentor”, allows the new employee to best ascertain which activities to focus on and the skills to be acquired from the onset.
  • Training: the process of inclusion involves attendance of some training courses that will help the new employee to learn about our Bank, its internal rules and the regulations to be respected.
  • Welcome Day: the purpose of this day is to provide information of a business, organizational and procedural nature to help the new employee to work as soon as possible with the right level of autonomy. It is also an occasion for the new employee to meet new colleagues who have just joined the Bank.

Ifis Talks is a format of training and study for the employees of Banca Ifis, with several paths designed to fine-tune their knowledge and skills.

It is a project dedicated to all Ifis People who wish to explore very important issues for the Bank, involving exceptional speakers: an opportunity to look beyond their daily tasks, taking the opportunity to be inspired.

The initiative is inspired by the TED Talks, albeit in a virtual format, and involves a number of online meetings with testimonials from different sectors: from communication to sports, psychology, management consultancy and cyber security.

The logic of Continuous Feedback provides for the possibility of constant interaction between the manager and employees, in order to define individual responsibilities, propose development and improvement strategies and monitor the performance of the various initiatives. This tool, made available on Ifis Talent, can be used by employees of different departments. It supports interpersonal communication in a manner similar to that of the world of social networks, allowing everyone to give and receive immediate feedback.

The aim is to promote networking opportunities related to work activities, providing useful and timely tools to consolidate or develop personal skills and to play an active part in the development and growth of Ifis People.

The pandemic has led to a sudden change in the way we work: just think that in Italy the percentage of smart workers pre Covid-19 was 2%, while today it is 47% (source: Work Trend Index – Microsoft).

To support Ifis People during this period of smart working, we provided specific training with webinars or projects, in order to teach additional skills, in particular for the remote management of customers and maintaining effective relations.