Remuneration and benefits

Feel good to work better: we believe that the well-being of employees is fundamental for them, as people, and for the efficiency of the organization.
We guarantee our people a positive and welcoming working environment. A corporate welfare system attentive to everyone’s needs, aimed at a balanced relationship between private and professional life, flexibility of the work and the certainty of being evaluated in a transparent and fair way are some of the cardinal principles and certainties of the Ifis style.

Transparent assessment of the results achieved

The remuneration and incentive policies that we apply are defined in accordance with the Group’s culture and values, long-term strategies, and prudent risk management policies, consistently with the provisions concerning the prudential control process. The Banca Ifis Group envisages an annual bonus scheme that follows the review of collaborators as well as incentive schemes focused mainly on the sales force.

Our occupational welfare system

We offer employees a comprehensive benefit platform, focusing on care and protection, and a series of welfare initiatives. The wide range of employee benefits includes:
  • Supplementary pension fund (supplementary welfare);
  • Insurance coverage (policies for illness, accident, permanent disability, life in case of death)
  • Luncheon vouchers;
  • Company car (if envisaged by corporate regulations);
  • Shuttle service for transfer workers;
  • Special-rate mortgages for first home purchases;
  • Participation in sporting events of which the Bank is a sponsor (football, volleyball, basketball, cycling, running).
In addition, again for 2021, the Corporate Benefits project has been confirmed: the portal of corporate conventions with special offers and discounts on a wide range of products and services.

Working from home

It took considerable effort to reorganise ourselves during the pandemic in 2020. Protecting people’s health became such an important priority that 93% of Banca Ifis employees were enabled to work from home from the very start of the pandemic. The emergency had certain positive effects with regard to levels of productivity and improvements in work-life balance, and helped attract talented people from the outside. In 2021, the Group continued its focus on reconciling the demands of work with personal and family needs, and began to organise a new system for the post-pandemic environment, involving greater flexibility and a more structured approach to smart working.


A new way of working

This complete overhaul of working methods, known as MyIfiswork, has now been completed and April 2022 will see the start of the transition phase; this will allow staff to become familiar with the new rules that will be effective from May onward. The new method is based on the idea of alternating between remote and face-to-face working. It allows employees flexibility in their choice of working hours, and space to pursue their own activities, and is based on mutual trust and responsibility.

The new working method builds on the positive aspects of the way we worked during the emergency. Under the terms of our agreement, smart working now becomes an established mode of operation, overturning the notion that this system was only used to ensure the safety of workplaces during the pandemic.
Mauro Baracchi, Human Resources Director
The following new measures have been introduced:
  • A new code of “Netiquette“, with ideas and advice that encourage an effective approach to work, respecting the space and time of every worker;
  • All employees will be able to use agile working, for up to a maximum of 10 days per month;
  • Parents with children up to age 10 will qualify for 12 days a month;
  • Employees can come to an agreement with their manager about which days they work remotely;
  • Expectant mothers are entitled to do all their work remotely from the 5th month of pregnancy onward;
  • Employees can come into the office at flexible times during the period from 8:00-10.30 a.m., depending on the needs of their particular office; and can make up for fewer/extra hours worked during the week in question.
The last employee-satisfaction questionnaire was on smart working and was created in partnership with SWG, the well-known research institute. The report, with 70% of employees taking part, showed the high satisfaction level of Ifis People with the emergency smart working period implemented. 93% feel it was compatible with their jobs. All of them feel it is a form of inclusion for those with specific or family-related needs that allows them to manage their work more flexibly. This experience helped employees feel more independent and confident. Actions taken by the Bank, based on survey answers, were:
  • Extending the agreement to performing free blood tests for employees and their families;
  • Extending the health insurance coverage to include Covid-19 expenses;
  • The start of a partnership with Gympass, a wellness platform enabling, along with enrolment in a network of national gyms, the possibility to exercise with one to one lessons or in a digital classroom;
  • Perfecting the in-house newsletter that has become a real daily editorial product called “Good Morning Ifis”;
  • Introduction of a welcome kit for all new employees and sending employees presents, gifts and tickets for events, birthdays and holidays.