How do Rendimax Conto Deposito and Rendimax Conto Corrente work?

Savings solutions such as deposit accounts and current accounts are certainly among the most widely used by households and private individuals. They are part of our daily life and we often use them without really considering how they work. However, if there are any perplexities, we need to find someone to answer our questions: Anna Lombardi, Conto Retail Product Coordinator, is well aware of customers’ doubts about Rendimax Conto Deposito and Rendimax Conto Corrente and is ready to dispel them.

How does Rendimax Conto Deposito work?

Rendimax Conto Deposito can only be moved via predefined accounts, both incoming and outgoing. When the account is opened, the customer chooses which default account to link to the deposit account, and all subsequent default accounts must have the same header. With a Rendimax Joint Deposit Account, the default account must be joint with (at least) the two Rendimax account holders.

Additional predefined accounts, up to 3 per deposit account, can be added through the Restricted Area. To make a new predefined account operational, you will need to make an incoming transfer in favour of the deposit account from the new account details, even for a symbolic amount of €1. The same procedure is needed with any changes to the IBAN details of the default account, e.g. following mergers/incorporations or branch changes.

I have Rendimax Conto Corrente and Rendimax Conto Deposito, can they be linked?

Rendimax Conto Corrente can be linked as the default account of Rendimax Conto Deposito when the deposit account is opened or by adding it to the default accounts in the ”Rendimax Conto Deposito Management – Default Accounts” menu. Once the IBAN details of Rendimax Conto Corrente have been entered, you have to ask Customer Service by e-mail for the form needed to make the link between the two accounts operational. This must be signed and returned by e-mail.

The name of the accounts is very important. Rendimax Conto Corrente enables linking in the following circumstances:

Rendimax Savings Account Header

Rendimax Current Account Header

Allowed/Not allowed


A, A+B, A+C






A, A+C

Non ammessa

Can I apply for a debit card?

The debit card is only available for Rendimax Conto Corrente. You can apply for it either when opening the account, indicating this preference when you fill in          the online form, or later, directly from the Reserved Area.

  • The card is enabled for the Pagobancomat, Bancomat, Cirrus and Maestro circuits.
  • It is issued free of charge and there is no fee.
  • For POS payments, customers will have unlimited free transactions both in Italy and abroad.
  • There are 5 free transactions per month for withdrawals through BANCOMAT/CIRRUS points in Italy and the EU.

It is easy to activate: after receiving the card and the PIN, just access the Reserved Area and activate it from the appropriate menu. The Rendimax Conto Corrente payment card is contactless, and there is no need to enter a PIN code for amounts below €50.

Is it possible to link utilities to Rendimax Conto Corrente and Rendimax Conto Deposito? And have my salary or pension credited?

You can have your salary credited to Rendimax Conto Corrente, but not your pension. You can also pay utilities by giving the IBAN of the current account to the utility company directly.

You cannot have utilities debited or your salary credited to Rendimax Conto Deposito. On the other hand, you can activate the Automatic Transfer Order service, which allows a preset amount to be credited, at a preset time, directly from the predefined account to the deposit account.

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