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Daniele Santosuosso

Independent Director

Born in Rome in 1964.

Daniele Santosuosso has been a Director of Banca Ifis since 2013 and a member of the Risk Management and Internal Control Committee.
After graduating in Commercial Law, he pursued an academic career as honorary fellow and visiting fellow in various foreign universities, then as associate researcher of Commercial Law at the “La Sapienza” University of Rome and, finally, as Extraordinary Professor and then Full Professor of Commercial Law at the same university.
He is the author of numerous notes, articles, essays and books, a member and collaborator of some scientific journals, including Il Sole 24 Ore, as well as being the founder and managing director “Rivista di diritto societario” [Journal of Corporate Law].
He has been enrolled in the Italian Register of Lawyers since 1992, has his own law firm and has held several institutional and corporate management posts (including as a Member of the Government Commission for the reform of company law in 2003 and the Government Commission for the reform of the law on distressed businesses – the so-called “Rordorf Reform”) and corporate management offices.

Other posts:
Bankruptcy trustee of Costruzioni Paoloni s.r.l. in liquidation
Bankruptcy trustee of Eredi Vincenzo Mandara & C. s.n.c.
Bankruptcy trustee of Casale Immobiliare s.r.l.
Bankruptcy trustee of Multitele s.r.l.
Bankruptcy trustee of MA.PE. 2003 s.r.l.
Liquidator of Columbus Ilmi s.r.l. in liquidation
Liquidator of Columbus Baga s.r.l. in liquidation
Judicial liquidator of Dima Gest s.r.l. in liquidation
Bankruptcy trustee of Vini Internazionali s.r.l. in liquidation
Extraordinary commissioner in Alitalia S.p.A. in a.s.

Presence at BoD meetings *: 100%

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* The data shown refer to what is indicated in the 2020 Corporate Governance report.