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Contact, innovation, dialogue: Credi Impresa Futuro arrives, Banca IFIS’s new service for Enterprises

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“Contact, innovation and dialogue”: are the main ingredients making up Banca IFIS’s new service dedicated to enterprises and, in particular, entrepreneurs.
Indeed, Credi Impresa Futuro doesn’t only offer companies the possibility of obtaining financing but is also a multi-channel tool through which it is possible to ask for information, deepen one’s knowledge on particular topics, and use the new communication tools that Banca IFIS has provided for entrepreneurs.

The new logo will be inseparably accompanied, therefore, by a new way of working: for Credi Impresa Futuro this means the website, both innovative and useful; boasting numerous already-active on-line tools which allow enterprises to:

  • Apply for financing directly from the website;
  • Find information and contact details for our various branches and respective consultants;
  • Use the on-line telephone service, “Filo diretto” (Direct line), which can be activated directly from the site and which connects the ‘web-user’ to the people at Credi Impresa Futuro from whom the web-user can obtain assistance and information (like toll free numbers, this direct line is completely free);
  • Read and get more information on doing business thanks to the contents of the MondoPMI blog, directly viewable from the branches’ home pages of the website;
  • Have at one’s disposal dedicated, local information; well-researched, highly detailed local news important to help the enterprises and Banca IFIS’s sales network in each area of Italy to do business;
  • Compare and confront, share discussions and, generally, talk to other enterprises and businesses linked to this sector thanks to Credi Impresa Futuro’s and MondoPMI’s Facebook and Twitterplatforms, so as to encourage and develop a shareable, entrepreneurial and social dialogue;
  • Use all the above services – above all through mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.

With the aim of being ever more in touch with client needs, Credi Impresa Futuro aims to be the new platform for Italian enterprises: an investment that Banca IFIS also makes in its 29 sales units throughout Italy, which will boast the colours of the new logo and which will offer a wider-reaching and improved service aimed at supporting enterprises and their business.

This project, in its launching stage, will be further developed and synergised: through the network from whence it came, but also through local associations and through the different operators in the sector, so as to include every possible means of listening to the needs of enterprises in order to offer a genuine ‘made to measure’ service, suited to the different needs enterprises have.

Credi Impresa Futuro
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