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Banca Ifis, the BoD approves the draft 2023 financial statements and proposes a final dividend for FY 2023 of 0,90 Euro per share

  • Preliminary results already approved last 8 February, confirmed.
  • Net profit amounts to 160,1 million Euro, up +13,5% compared to 2022 and, net of PPA, reaches an all-time high.
  • Distribution of a dividend proposed to the Shareholders’ Meeting, as balance for FY 2023, of 0,90 Euro per share.

Mestre (Venice), 7 March 2024 – The Board of Directors of Banca Ifis, which met today, chaired by Ernesto Fürstenberg Fassio, has approved the Draft Financial Statements and Consolidated Financial Statements for 2023, confirming the preliminary results as at 31 December 2023, already approved by the Board and disclosed to the market last 08 February 2024.

For Banca Ifis, FY 2023 recorded, net of PPA, a new all-time high for the Parent Company’s net profit, which rose by 13,5% to 160,1 million Euro, effectively reaching, one year ahead of schedule, the targets initially set for FY 2024 by the Business Plan for the three-year period 2022-24.

The Board of Directors has also resolved to propose to the Shareholders’ Meeting the distribution of a balance on the dividend for FY 2023 of approximately 47 million Euro[1], equal to 0,90 Euro (gross of withholding taxes) for each of the Banca Ifis shares issued and outstanding. This 2023 dividend balance, if approved by the Shareholders’ Meeting, will be paid with ex-dividend date 20 May 2024, record date of 21 May 2024 and payment date of 22 May 2024. On the occasion of the presentation of the results for the first 9 months of 2023, the Bank had resolved to distribute an interim dividend for 2023 in the amount of 63 million Euro, i.e. 1,2 Euro per outstanding share, gross of any withholding taxes. For the full year 2023, the Bank plans to distribute 110 million Euro in dividends, equivalent to 2,1 Euro per outstanding share, consistent with the new dividend policy approved last year.

The Financial Statements as at 31 December 2023 will be submitted for approval at the Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting scheduled for 18 April 2024. For details refer to the press release of the preliminary results available in the Media section of the official website

The call notice and the documents relating to the items on the agenda of the Shareholders’ Meeting will be published in the manner and within the time limits provided for by the regulations in force.


[1] Amount determined in consideration of the number of shares outstanding at the date of publication of this press release.