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Simone Mattiacci, Banca Credifarma Credit Manager

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What were your thoughts when you joined Banca Ifis?

I joined Credifarma in 2005 (now Banca Credifarma) and when Banca Ifis bought a majority stake in it in 2018, that was the start of a new venture. I immediately felt the dynamism, expertise and strong bent for innovation of colleagues.
At Banca Ifis Group, people are important and so is teamwork, specialist expertise, as well as sharing your knowledge with everyone.

What about your personal growth at Banca Ifis?

At Banca Ifis I developed new skills and increased my managerial awareness. I had the opportunity to liaise with many colleagues, putting my interpersonal skills to good use and measuring myself against new, ambitious goals in an informal environment and yet full of very professional and dedicated people.

What brought you most satisfaction at work?

My greatest satisfaction was recruiting, introducing and allowing for the growth of young employees, training them and gradually making them independent in managing the tasks assigned to them. This all took place with the pandemic fully upon us, with the related restrictions and limitations, though they were brilliantly overcome thanks to the concerted contribution of the team and the excellent response of the people recruited.
What do you expect from your future, both from a professional and personal point of view?
From my professional future I expect new and engaging stimuli stemming from the current digitalisation process and the growing business opportunities that the target market has in store for us.
From a purely personal point of view, I expect I will keep on making new experiences with renewed enthusiasm as I go back to travelling and learning about the traditions and culture of the people I will have the privilege of meeting.