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Observatory on the Italian Sport System

With about 35 million fans, of which 15.5 million Italian adults practicing a sport regularly , ~74,000 clubs and sport facility management companies and~10.000 manufacturers, the Sport System is of primary importance for the Italian economy and society. That is why Banca Ifis has developed the 1st Observatory on the Italian Sport System able to measure the economic dimension of all the components of sport, and offer public and private decision-makers fundamental data and information for their strategic decisions.
Since 2006, the European Union has acknowledged the significant contribution made by sport to the continent’s economy; not just as a driver for growth and employment, but also for its positive effects on the health of citizens, on territorial growth, tourism and social integration. The EU has asked Italy to follow the example of other virtuous countries by equipping itself with the tools needed to measure the value of sport nationally. To respond to the European Union request to report regularly on Sport System data, Banca Ifis has started publishing an annual Report. Its first edition was presented on 30 March in the CONI offices in Rome, in the presence of Giovanni Malagò, President of CONI, and Ernesto Furstenberg Fassio, Deputy Chairman of Banca Ifis. The Observatory will be active 365 days a year, monitoring how the Italian sport system develops over time, but also creating specific in-depth surveys enriched by the vision of sector stakeholders.

The objective is continuity:

Measurement of the contribution made by the Sport System to the Italian economy

The composition of sport value detailing what its various sectors provide

An economic translation of the positive externalities – social, health and performance – resulting from practicing sport

The “multiplication” value of public investments on the private investments and on the total turnover

The Italians’ passion for sport and how widespread practicing sport is.


The Sport System is a valuable sector for the Italian economy and society, thanks to what its four sectors provide: – Manufacturers of clothing, equipment and sports vehicles – Clubs (professional and amateur) and management of sport facilities – Sports media, expense connected to events and betting – Social value, measuring how effective sport is in creating an indirect economic value, influencing health, safety and the involvement of youngsters in school and work.
billion €
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The extraordinary 2020-2021 two-year period lived by sport forces us to assess the historical trend differently; to consider the constraints and restrictions imposed by the pandemic. That is why this edition of the Observatory presents data considering 2019 as an average year of reference.
Watch the video of the Italian Sport System Observatory and learn all about the survey prepared by Banca Ifis supported by CONI.