Leasing and Rental

Freedom for your job.

Our leasing solutions will enable you to access efficient tools making daily business life easier. Our experts are ready to offer you just what you are looking for to meet your requirements, steering you along the process for selecting the best leasing solutions for capital goods or motor vehicles.

Our operating rental offering of capital and technology goods will provide you with state-of-the-art equipment and devices, with the convenience of fixed costs and the option of using the most advanced technology. By choosing our products, you can retain existing capital and any credit lines, plan cash flow, while boosting purchasing power.

leasing di beni strumentali

Capital good leasing

Investing in operating equipment needed for your business is a breeze, thanks to our relationships with manufacturers, resellers and distributors.
leasing auto

Vehicle leasing

Our vehicle leasing service is supported by a network of selected agencies, which operate reliably and knowledgeably across the entire country.
noleggio beni tecnologici e strumentali

Technology and capital goods rental

Our technology and capital goods rental solutions allow you to significantly simplify your professional life.

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