Capital goods leasing

Tools for your business

Our customised leasing solutions will guarantee you the best equipment to support your production activities.

Thanks to our modular options, you can mix and match the offer that best suits your requirements: your business will be able to expand more rapidly and productively.

leasing beni strumentali

Specialist areas

Thanks to our experience, we will steer you, with targeted advice, towards the best solution for meeting your requirements.

Rapid response

We will respond in the shortest time possible, providing you with full details and any further information regarding the proposals that most interest you.

Modular solutions

Combine your package based on your needs.

Why only us?

leasing office e IT

Office and IT leasing

You can get leasing for technology goods and office equipment, such as smartphones, tablets, computers and multifunction printers.

leasing elettromedicale

Electromedical equipment

You can enhance your practice with high-tech equipment, by leasing medical imaging equipment, electromedical equipment and diagnostic machines.

Insurance cover for your leasing


Choose to protect remaining leasing payments in the event of death and total or partial disability.

Promotional message, for the purpose of placement of insurance contracts. Before subscribing, please read the key information set on: , or obtain a hardcopy from the distribution network. Insurance cover under the LEASE&LIFE policy is underwritten by carriers AXA FRANCE VIE S.A. and AXA FRANCE IARD S.A. (General Agent for Italy). The GAP+ policy is underwritten by AXA FRANCE IARD S.A. (General Agent for Italy). Insurance products are distributed by Banca Ifis S.p.A.

All-risk leased instrumental assets

Protect leased instrumental assets with an insurance solution distributed by Banca Ifis, in collaboration with Generali Italia S.p.A., covering Theft and total and partial Accidental Damages that could be suffered.

Promotional message, also placing insurance contracts. Before signing, please read the information on and also available through the distribution network. Policy of Generali Italia S.p.A. distributed by Banca Ifis S.p.A.

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