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Negri Trasposti and Banca Ifis: an all-round partnership

We are a family business, set up by my grandfather in 1978. We became a limited company in 2010, with more than 40 years of experience in the sector – Monica Negri, Sole Director and Legal Representative of Negri Trasporti e Montaggi, looks back to how the company first started and has grown to today.

My father’s generation specialised in the concrete construction sector: and more specifically, in the transport and assembly of prefabricated structures and the construction of large logistics facilities. We deal exclusively with large constructions and oversize loads using 27 trucks and 2 crane trucks.

We are in fact the only company in northern Italy that has managed to combine transport with assembly of the prefabricated structure, thereby fulfilling two needs of our customers with one package.

How many years have you been a customer of Banca Ifis? And how has the bank assisted you in the management of medium- to long-term financing?

We have been clients of Banca Ifis for at least 3 years. We started working with you when I realised that my old current account management system could become tight working mainly with a large client for whom I invoice 80% per year. The first contact with Banca Ifis, therefore, was with regard to factoring to help us optimise our cash flows.

A law was later changed in the field of road haulage concerning the possibility of discounting excise duty as a tax credit, so our whole old method of discounting excise duty had to be revised. The only way to continue to benefit from this large amount of money that the state allows us to deduct, around 120,000 euro per annum, was by modernising the entire set-up of the supply of fuel. I chose to pursue this investment and keep the tax relief; that amount goes towards repaying the loan making it more financially sustainable. In addition, the loan was supported by the Guarantee Fund and therefore no further guarantee from the shareholders was necessary.

The service we have received from Banca Ifis has always been excellent, so much so that we have also chosen it for leasing. We have formed strong relations of trust and a partnership with the commercial team that offers us support, and this means a lot for us.

What are the plans for the future of Negri Trasporti e Montaggi S.r.l?

My plan for the future is expansion. We would like to become an industry leader. The world of e-commerce and its growth requires significant logistics and we specialise in this. Once the current debts are consolidated within the next year, we plan to make new investments, perhaps with the support of Industry 4.0 and Sabatini measures to modernise our fleet of vehicles, which is currently only half renewed. This would increase the share of excise duty that the state is able to pay and save the company costs in terms of truck repair and diesel consumption.