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New opportunities always blossom from a strong partnership: Scandiuzzi Steel Constructions and Banca Ifis

Scandiuzzi Steel Constructions was founded 50 years ago by Cavalier Scandiuzzi. We operate in large infrastructure projects, which means working on custom-made projects, tailored to our customers’ needs. – Thus begins the story of Roberto Rabboni, the company’s Chief Financial Officer.


In our field of application, the raw material used is steel, which is employed, for example, in the construction of bridges, viaducts and oil and gas infrastructure. Over time, our company has enriched its know-how, seizing new business opportunities useful for growth before others, which has led us to evolve over time, adding Scandiuzzi branded products to our core business and thus effectively projecting ourselves onto the construction market.

Today, the company, which has, over time, reached turnover of 35 million Euro, with forecasts heading towards 50 million, also thanks to an ambitious investment plan, which has assured approximately 4 million Euro for the three-year period 2020 – 2023 and with a 2024-2026 outlook of around 5 million, has two main poles: the headquarters in Volpago del Montello and a second production workshop in Brindisi, Apulia.

From north to south there are approximately 120 people employed in the company with an average age of 40. In addition to the people in the allied industries with no fewer than 50 production units, we also enjoy strong collaborations with local technical institutes for carpentry and assembly activities, in order to adequately train future generations while providing adequate equipment.

How did you come to know Banca Ifis and how did it help you support your business?

The relationship between Scandiuzzi and Banca Ifis matures in 2021, with the activation of a loan backed by the Guarantee Fund. A guarantee, in fact, useful to facilitate access to credit, especially at a time like the one experienced during the pandemic years. After that successful operation, we continued to choose Banca Ifis as our partner to grow day by day, and thanks to the loyalty built with the Ifis People who assist us in the territory, together with their offer of a cutting-edge phygital model to meet our needs, with Banca Ifis we are currently building a project with a leading Italian insurance-financial group, as well as a solid Austrian player for the development of very ambitious ‘Bridge’ infrastructure projects in Romania, not excluding a potential extension to Italian territory.


What are the pillars of your company and in particular what role do sustainability and innovation play?

Sustainability, innovation, research and training are mantras for us. In the field of research, for example, Scandiuzzi has developed important projects with the collaboration of universities throughout the country, but also specific activities with the region of Apulia where we are present. We also promote a great many ESG initiatives, and are especially active in the research and development of hydrogen-based solutions. For example, on the quay of Costa Morena Est, where we carry out our project cargo activities, a hydrogen storage plant was assembled for a major Italian multinational company, with a destination in the petrochemical centre of Porto Marghera (VE).

In addition, we are investing heavily in the final phase of our Hydrogen project, with the development of a system for the production and distribution of the new Energy Green based on the use of Bio-Methane, an absolutely organic raw material, with a zero-CO2-emission system, a new way to contribute to the new expectations of international standards for zero-emission energy production. Such an approach is able, in our experience, to generate concrete benefits not only for the company but for all the territories and communities in which we operate.

What are the next projects in the pipeline?

For the future, Scandiuzzi envisages investments in new types of buildings that can be self-serviced from a “green” point of view. In this, the Brindisi area will continue to lend itself greatly because it is important for us to work together with local institutions so as not to miss any opportunity that comes our way. So if we were to summarise our company’s medium-term plans, we could say that Scandiuzzi will aim to maintain an increasingly consistent rate of sustainability, also by continuing to create strong territorial partnerships; strengthen its governance, promoting the maturation of specific internal skills. Last but not least, strengthening the relationship with Banca Ifis itself, both for domestic and cross-border investments.