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Winning Women Institute

We are the first Italian Bank to be certified as having obtained excellence in gender equality.

Attention for Gender Equality is of special importance for us. Our company population is more than half women, in a competence context that is always characterised by a male workforce. Our commitment to strengthening the company’s female component contributes to developing an organisational culture to value gender equality both in and outside the company.

«Banca Ifis has always taken great care over diversity and inclusion. Our numbers are proof of a multi-year approach, but also numerous projects aimed at a gender balance and an inclusive culture both in and outside the company. For that purpose we will carry on investing and innovating in the next few years».

Frederik Geertman, Chief Executive Officer of Banca Ifis

The Winning Women Institute is an organisation committed to Gender Equality, of which it is the first Italian certifying body. The goal is to spread the Gender Equality principle in the working world, to overcome and prevent any form of gender-based inequality.

Our figures

The survey took place applying the Dynamic Model Gender Rating based on achieving quantitative and qualitative KPIs, related to: growth opportunities in company, remunerative equity and HR processes, Policies for the management of gender diversity and, last of all, a Policy for the protection of maternity.

Banca Ifis obtained an overall mark of 70 out of a 100:


of the company population female


women top managers reporting to the chief executive officer


female promotions on a yearly basis


new female employees in the last 24 months

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