Recruitment process

We are not a traditional bank, but a business that does banking.
We are the challenge to be taken for those who are never tired of setting new goals.
We are the perfect place for those who want to see the impact of their work on the world.

At Banca Ifis we love simplicity, but not easy goals: our aim is to provide concrete help to the real economy and be a source of inspiration for anyone who wants to create, grow and compete in the world of business.

You are at Ifis if...

You want to make a positive impact on the world

Integrity is one of the values we believe in. Our work is a response to the needs of people and communities and an engine of sustainable growth.

You are good at working with other people

Banking means listening to others and creating value together. You must be able to build relationships based on trust, thanks to maximum transparency and continuous dialogue with stakeholders.

You know how to keep challenging yourself

Ours is a story of continuous growth. We believe that the secret of excellence lies in setting ever more ambitious goals. You must firmly believe that each milestone is a new starting point.

You are passionate about what you do

Continuously refreshing our skills allows us to always be ready to seize the opportunities that present themselves to us. You have to be willing to keep learning, because your professionalism is a value for customers.

At Banca Ifis you can...

From consulting to customers and corporate functions, from digital innovation experts to communication professionals: we are a team of people with varied specialist skills and common goals

Everyone has their role, you can have yours.

Those who work in the Legal and Litigation department take care of the legal activities useful for the management of the company business and provide support to the main operations of the Bank.

Ideal profile: we are looking for graduates with legal qualifications and/or with previous experience in consulting firms. 

Location: Venice-Mestre

Those who work in the Finance department take care of everything related to the Group’s accounting and to the applicable legislation in force.

Ideal profile: we are looking for graduates who have gained experience in consulting/auditing firms in the banking sector.

Location: Venice-Mestre and Milan

Those who work in the ICT department manage the company IT system and define the strategic guidelines for the Group.

Ideal profile: we are looking for graduates who are passionate about the world of technology and have knowledge of programming languages and skills in the development of IT strategies.

Location: Venice-Mestre and Milan

Those who work in the Credit Assessment department are responsible for assessing the creditworthiness of the Bank’s business customers. 

Ideal profile: we are looking for graduates with skills acquired in risk analysis, preferably in the corporate sphere and with decision-making autonomy.

Location: Venice-Mestre and Milan

Those who work for the legal branch of Ifis Npl Servicing are responsible for managing the compulsory repayment of Npl credit through legal action.

Ideal profile: we are looking for graduates who are licensed to practise civil law and/or have gained previous experience in the field of credit recovery in the banking sector. 

Location: Florence/Marghera/Ravenna

Those who work for the out-of-court branch of Ifis Npl Servicing are responsible for managing the amicable settlement of debt exposures in the NPL field.

Ideal profile: we are looking for graduates in economics or law who have preferably gained previous experience in the field of credit recovery, commercial promotion or customer care.

Location: Florence/Ravenna

Those who work for the Due Diligence branch of NPL portfolios carry out segmented and documentary analysis of NPL portfolios in the purchase phase.

Ideal profile: we are looking for graduates in economics or law, with previous experience in the field of credit recovery for a banking company or professional firm. 

Location: Florence/Milan.

How to enter Banca Ifis

People are what drive our company, and their skills represent the energy we promote to create value. Here’s how we can share the challenge.

You can apply by responding to an advertisement for an open position or send us your CV with a spontaneous application.

You will be contacted by our recruiters if your profile meets the requirements.

If the recruiters rate you positively, your skills will be assessed in one or more technical interviews managed by the hiring manager and HR.

Individual or group tests may be carried out at some assessment centres.

If you pass all the tests, you will be welcomed by your new team and integrated into the world of Banca Ifis.

How can I apply for a position at Banca Ifis?

You can find all the positions to apply for on the Bank’s website, on the “Vacancies” page at this link.

I can’t find a job offer that suits me, can I still send my CV?

Of course, you can send a spontaneous application by filling out the form at the following link.

Remember to attach a photo of yourself together with your CV to complete your application. We will contact you if your profile matches our current or future vacancies.

Can I apply for more than one position? 

Yes, there are no limitations to the number of applications, although we invite you to carefully check the requirements and apply in a targeted manner.

If I apply for a position, will you remember my details? 

Yes, your data is saved in our database for a period of 24 months, in compliance with the privacy legislation.

I have already attended an interview, but have not been recruited. Can I apply again another time?

Of course, if you feel that a new position that fits your profile has opened, you can reapply. 

Which educational qualification is preferable to work in Banca Ifis?

It depends on the type of profession you are interested in: we are looking for law graduates for positions in the legal and litigation department, and graduates in economics and statistics for the world of finance and credit assessment. 

Once I have submitted an application, how long do I have to wait for a response?

Response times may vary depending on internal assessment times. We generally contact people who we believe are suited to the position they have applied for within a couple of weeks.

Is it necessary to have work experience in the banking sector to join Banca Ifis?

If you are applying for an internship or a junior position it is not necessary to have worked in the banking sector. For specific senior positions, having previous industry experience can be a plus.

If contacted, what should I wear for the interview?

We advise you to look professional: you can never go wrong with smart, formal attire.

Take your first step

You can apply for one of the open positions or send a spontaneous application.

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